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Flash Fiction Friday September 23

September 23, 2011

As she walked out the door, stockings peeking out below her trench coat, her blonde hair blowing in the wind and her fuck me pumps clicking on the drive way, I knew I would never see her again. She had given me the greatest month of my life. Lovely moments in bed with her, riding my cock, me pumping into her wonderful pussy from behind. Laughing moments and crying moments. Our relationship was volatile, fiery and passionate. I wanted to make it work, but I knew we couldn’t. I though about yelling after her,

I can’t replace all the wasted days. The memory of your face” but I knew it wouldn’t make a difference, I can’t help thinkin’  she road me hard and put me away wet… and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Flash Fiction Friday 09-23
Even number of words
*a quotation from a poem, or lyric*
My Lyric: I can’t replace all the wasted days
The memory of your face – can’t help thinkin’

Last Beautiful Girl – MatchBox Twenty
I chose this song because it was the first song that played on my random shuffle. I wasnt sure which lyric I wanted to pick, so I challenged myself with a random song, then looked through the lyrics to see what I could twist into a sexy FFF.


Thank goodness Insatiabear (Panserbjørne) is alright! Unfortunately he is not prepared for this week, and the lovely Ms. Lexi has graciously filled in.
Please if you havent wished Panser well, head over to his page and do so now! 

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