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The Cabin

March 10, 2013

I yawned as I stretched, my body deliciously sore from the night before. I rolled over only to find myself alone in the massive bed. Wondering where you had run of to, I slide from under the sheet and peek out the window.

I can see you in the sun, splitting wood, your muscles flexing under your t-shirt, your denim riding low on your hips. Content with watching you I sit on the window sill. You have already created quite the pile, telling me you’ve been up for a while. The sweat coming through your t-shirt was also another indication of the hard work you had accomplished under the morning sun. I decide that I’ve had enough of watching you, and would rather touch you. So I grab one of your shirts from the lounge and proceed down the stairs and out to the porch.

You havent noticed me yet as I slip out the screen door and take a seat on the swinging bench. You removed your T-shirt while I wasnt watching, and your jeans had slid lower down your hips. Your skin is slick with sweat, bringing out your gorgeous tan, and the dusting of chest hair.  You raise the axe, and crack another stump in half. Moving to pick up the pieces you must feel my eyes on you, and you turn towards the cabin.

You see me, feet up on the porch railing, your long button down falling right into place between my knees, I hadn’t bothered to button it up, so you could also see the smooth skin between my breasts. I smile at you, while you grin back, leaving the wood behind you as you stalk towards the porch. I get excited as I see your eyes darken, only one purpose in mind. I lean forward on the railing, abandoning my sitting position on the swing. You come right up to me and smile, tilting my head so our lips can touch.

You smell like sweat, like man and pine tree. I shiver at the smell, drowning in the musky scent. You feel me smile against your lips, and you smile back. Shoving me back into the swing, you hop over the porch railing and slide between my open legs. I can feel your cock straining against the denim, pushing against my thigh. I let my head fall back into your hand as your body envelopes mine. Propping one foot up on the railing I open myself up to you, while tilting my hips up to meet yours. I can feel you smiling while your lips caress my neck.

“I felt you watching me from the bedroom, shy girl”

I squirm at the thought of being found out. Your hips push father into my core as your kisses turn to nips.

“What am I going to do with you now?”

You feel the moan low in  my throat as you continue to rotate your pelvis into mine, and tease my neck and ears. Your hands have yet to move from supporting my head, and holding onto the swing. How I wish you would just take me right here on the porch swing. About to whisper my idea into your ear, you promptly pick me up and make your way into the cabin. As we make our way through the wooden home you begin to kiss me, kicking off your boots as we move. Gently at first, but by the time you get us to the bathroom, you have grown rougher, your scruff rubbing against my cheeks and neck.

You set me down on the counter, my legs hanging off the edge.

“Stay put”

I do as you say. You walk over to the shower, while undoing your jeans, but not removing them. After you adjust the temperature of the spray to your liking you turn back and walk back towards the counter, your grin grows with every step you take, as does the tent in your denim, you left your zipper for me.

Once you finally reach my open legs, I unzip your jeans, and push them down your hips, while pulling you into my body with my ankles. Your mouth comes dow hard on mine, while your hands finally explore my body. Sliding beneath the light, white fabric, your calloused hands mark my body with prints and lust. You grasp my ass and move me closer to the edge of the counter as you step out of your jeans you shuffle forward to meet me. We continue to battle with our mouths and tongues. Supporting my weight under my ass you pick me up. I wrap my legs around you while I continue to assault your lips, face and neck with my kisses. You walk us towards the shower, you’re completely naked, but have refused to remove your shirt from my body.

Stepping into the shower you put yourself under the spray and gently set me on my feet. I waste no time, already knowing what I want, I kneel on the warm tile and place y hands on your thighs has I work your hard cock into my mouth. I moan. Your cock twitches. You can feel the vibrations of the sounds I’m making. Your head falls back and the spray assaults my back.

I flip my head back, abandoning you, as I look up, the spray now assaulting my front, and allowing the white fabric to cling to my tits. My nipples are hard, straining to be free of the cloth. I run my fingers through my hair, as I stare up at you, while I resume what I was doing. Leaning forward, again I brace myself on your thighs, my lips tease your head, as my tongue begins to lick you from tip to base. I can feel your hand stroking my hair. Once my tongue makes it back up to the tip of your shaft I take you completely into my mouth and enjoy the sensation of your stroking turn to a strong grip of my hair. I work your cock in and out of my mouth, with help of your strong grip. You spread your legs wider as I cradle your balls, tugging slightly as you continue to fuck my mouth.

I can feel your balls contract as I continue to lick, kiss and suckle you, you’re almost there, I can feel your cock pulsating in my mouth. Without being able to form my next thought, your hands come up under my shoulders and raise me up to face you. You turn our bodies towards the tiled wall and walk me back until I can feel the cool tile on my back. I attempt to remove your soaked T-shirt, but you grab my wrist and put my arm above my head. Holding my right arm there, you bring my left up to join and your large hand traps both of mine.  You bend your head down and take my mouth. I strain against your hand, but without success. You have me pinned against the wall. Your foot bumps mine, and you nudge my legs wider apart. With one hand still holding mine against the tile the other begins to explore, while your hips move your cock against my slick, wet skin.

Trailing your hand down my neck, you finally fit your hand around my breast, pushing it into me, while attempting to fit your hand around it. I moan and try to move my hips to rightly position your throbbing cock. Your knee stops me from moving as you grind into my pussy. Your tongue still assaulting my mouth, and your hand still working my breast, your knee continues to press into me and I cant help but grind back. Leaving my breast your hand trails down my abdomen and replaces your knee. Without hesitation you slip in two digits and I begin to move against your hand. My hands straining to touch you, but not able to get free. All I can do is trying to get closer to you through my kiss, and hips.

You continue to fuck me with your fingers, your foot moving my legs farther apart, when my thighs clench around your arm. Thankfully the torture doesn’t last long as you release my hands and again, pick me up, forcing my body hard against the wall as you rotate your pelvis, working your cock into my tight cunt. I tilt my hips as much as possible, to allow better access while my hands explore your neck, shoulders, back and deliciously dark hair. Your chest hair rubs against my breasts, the shirt finally out-of-the-way so I can feel your skin on mine. I pull you closer into me and deepen the kiss, finally I can feel your hips against mine, your cock fully sheathed.

You begin to move, slowly, unhurried, but hard. Your hips hit mine as your cock pumps in and out of my body. I can only dig my nails into your shoulders and bit your lip.

“Harder…. faster…” I whisper into your neck

“What do you say?” Your words taunt me

“Please… fuck me, hard” My body clenches as your speed increases. I can feel my orgasm coming, my clit aching with the upcoming explosion it is about to feel. My nipples are so hard with anticipation, rubbing against your chest. Our hips slap water away as they come together, hard and fast. I can feel your cock twitch, and your breathing has quickened against my neck. I hold onto you as tight as I can, my teeth replacing my nails on your shoulder.

Your hands grip my ass, moving my body every which way you want, allowing your cock to impale me every-time. You find our new rhythm and keep it going, hard and fast. The water is getting cold, not that it matters as our bodies strain to stay close to one another. My climax hits me and my head flies back, resting against the tile as an explosion rocks my body. My pussy clenches and spasms, making your cock feel even bigger. You continue to thrust and pump into me, biting my lip and grinning as your own orgasm crashes down over you. I can feel your cock pulsating, your load invading my body, you continue to pump until you can no longer feel anything… we both slide to the shower floor.



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6 Comments leave one →
  1. March 12, 2013 5:53 am

    Some serious hotness first thing in the morning. I no longer need coffee but a serious f***ing.

    I’ve missed your wonderful writing. Six, seven months without a proper computer had me missing my favorite reads.

    These perfectly chosen words communicate so much: “…as you stalk towards the porch…”


    • March 12, 2013 10:38 pm

      Your words always mean so much!
      Your blog was the first “sex blog” I read… and you were my inspiration to start my own ;)
      Thank you, you gorgeous creature…
      Dont worry, with Bear being away for yet another week (this will total three) I have plenty more to write about.



      • March 14, 2013 12:11 am

        Oh, i never knew that. So glad I spurred you on to share your talent.

        Three weeks!! I guess they’ll be a hiatus soon where you two well be “creating” sexy stories :)


      • March 14, 2013 11:37 pm

        I am glad as well.
        Yes.. lol “creating” is exactly what will be happening lol I will have a lot to write about after the 7 days that he is home <3 I cant wait!


  2. March 31, 2013 12:10 pm

    I’ll say it again: you have mad, sexy literary skills!

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