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Your Suit

January 12, 2013

I hear the door close just as I finish taking off my dress. I peek around the corner into the hallway and see you making your way up the steps to our bedroom. You havent called for me yet, your very tired from being out all day and having to stay late at work.

Im growing wet with excitement thinking about you crossing the threshold into our room. I skip back into the bathroom and slip on the silk robe you love, the sheer black one, and quickly fluff my hair as I run out the door to meet you. Your sitting on the side of the bed facing away from me, your head is down, hands running through your hair as you sigh.

You can feel the pressure of my knees on the bed as a slink up behind you. My arms come around to your chest and pull you back into me. My lips slowly make contact with the sensitive flesh behind your ear as our fingers intertwine across your chest.

There are no words, only sensations.

I continue to tease your neck and ear as my hands move lower. I place your palms, face down, on your knees and nip your ear lobe. Coming around to the side of your body my robe slips open and you smile, realizing that I have picked out your favorite.

My mouth comes down onto yours as I grind up the side of your body and turn myself so that I can straddle your lap. The robe has completely fallen open. Leaving my body exposed, and waiting.

Your eyes trace my skin, feeling like fire. Hot, pure, desire, your pupils dilate. Just the sight makes me wetter with anticipation. Your eyes trace the curve of my breasts, until they meet my taunt nipples, waiting for your mouth to just give me a little nip.

I begin to move my hips and your palms abandon their earlier position as they trace their way up my thighs to find that there is no barrier between us except your own clothing. Your hands clutch my ass as as they spread me apart. I can feel each finger dig into my skin as you push me down, against you.

I can feel your cock twitch underneath me.

I grind hard into you, your left hand moves up my back and grabs the back of my neck forcing me to lean my head back as your pull me forward to tease my ear. The same way I previously teased yours. I groan. You groan.

Your hips slide up to meet my downward motion, while your lips devour my neck. My hands brace upon your chest, pushing backwards, forcing your hold to loosen until you no longer can touch me.

I smile as my body slides down yours, my hands finding your belt as I move my way down to the floor. I bat my eyelashes and smile as my fingers work your belt. I try to push you backwards to relax, but you shake your head, indicating you want to watch.

Your belt is finally undone. I pause. Then kiss the outline of your dick through the fabric. I can almost feel the pulsating. Your moan fills my ears as i quickly fiddle with the button and zipper of your slacks. Your hips lift slightly as I pull the slacks off, leaving the tight boxer briefs on.


The black waste band sits low on your hips, your cock pushing against the material, straining to come out and play. Tracing your outline once more I watch your eyes flutter closed. Leaning forward on my knees I am able to take the tip of your cock into my mouth. You can feel the heat, and a slight dampness, causing another twitch. I moan… the vibration is amazing.

Your hips rise up to push your fabric covered cock farther into my mouth. Slowly i take your entire length into the warmth of my lips and slowly suck, so that the pressure drives you wild.

Painstakingly, I slowly remove you from my mouth, while opening the slit in your briefs and sliding my right hand into the material to cup your balls. I gently pull down, while my left hand finally lets you free.

Your length fills my hand as I gently stroke you.

Up and down.

Up and down.

My forefinger skims your tip.

Up and down.

Up and down.

Once I again I look up, your eyes are lidded, but I know you can still see me. My hair is a mess from your hands, blonde strands curl between your fingers as you watch my blue eyes turn smokey with desire. Without hurry my attention turns back to my hands.

You seem to hold your breath while my head descends into your lap. You can feel my hot breath as I decide where to begin. Fingers still playing with your balls, you feel my lips gently kiss the tip of your cock. Holding the base of your shaft I let my spit drip down the side of you, while my hot mouth follows.





My lips meet my steady hand. Then they move together, never parting, the warmth from my mouth and spit making it easy to slide up and down. Up and down. I tighten my grip, and purse my lips, while sucking your cock like a tasty lollipop.

Your left hand braces yourself on the bed, while your right controls our pace from the back of my head. Loving the feeling of you controlling my movements, I push against you, only to feel your hand tighten in my hair and increase the pace.

I moan, the vibration of my mouth along your dick feels absolutely amazing. I cant help but flick my own nipple, and moan again at the wicked sensations driving through my body. Im so wet I could slide onto your cock and fuck you until we both fell over, deliciously sated.

Your hand increases our pace, I can feel your cock twitching in my mouth. I look up only to find you staring down at me. Your eyes are smokey, and your pupils are so dilated that your eyes look almost black. Your head tips back as your hips trust up and your hand pushes my mouth down, while I suck the tip to the back of my throat.

My palm squeezes around you to equalize the pressure of my mouth, while i gently pull your balls down and your hot cum fills my jaw.


6 Comments leave one →
  1. Lex Hallows permalink
    January 13, 2013 1:23 am

    Who doesn’t love a man in a suit?

    Always a pleasure, Goldi.
    Your words always inspire a slick grin on my face.

  2. January 19, 2013 10:54 am

    What can I say? This was beautifully written and ridiculously hot.

  3. February 22, 2013 1:14 pm

    You need to write something new, young lady!
    I’m dying here!

    • March 2, 2013 8:59 pm

      lol Sorry Hook,
      Life has been crazy and I was away from my comp entirely celebrating my bday for a week :)
      Dont worry more is coming! I promise!


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