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Your Suit

January 12, 2013

I hear the door close just as I finish taking off my dress. I peek around the corner into the hallway and see you making your way up the steps to our bedroom. You havent called for me yet, your very tired from being out all day and having to stay late at work.

Im growing wet with excitement thinking about you crossing the threshold into our room. I skip back into the bathroom and slip on the silk robe you love, the sheer black one, and quickly fluff my hair as I run out the door to meet you. Your sitting on the side of the bed facing away from me, your head is down, hands running through your hair as you sigh.

You can feel the pressure of my knees on the bed as a slink up behind you. My arms come around to your chest and pull you back into me. My lips slowly make contact with the sensitive flesh behind your ear as our fingers intertwine across your chest.

There are no words, only sensations.

I continue to tease your neck and ear as my hands move lower. I place your palms, face down, on your knees and nip your ear lobe. Coming around to the side of your body my robe slips open and you smile, realizing that I have picked out your favorite.

My mouth comes down onto yours as I grind up the side of your body and turn myself so that I can straddle your lap. The robe has completely fallen open. Leaving my body exposed, and waiting.

Your eyes trace my skin, feeling like fire. Hot, pure, desire, your pupils dilate. Just the sight makes me wetter with anticipation. Your eyes trace the curve of my breasts, until they meet my taunt nipples, waiting for your mouth to just give me a little nip.

I begin to move my hips and your palms abandon their earlier position as they trace their way up my thighs to find that there is no barrier between us except your own clothing. Your hands clutch my ass as as they spread me apart. I can feel each finger dig into my skin as you push me down, against you.

I can feel your cock twitch underneath me.

I grind hard into you, your left hand moves up my back and grabs the back of my neck forcing me to lean my head back as your pull me forward to tease my ear. The same way I previously teased yours. I groan. You groan.

Your hips slide up to meet my downward motion, while your lips devour my neck. My hands brace upon your chest, pushing backwards, forcing your hold to loosen until you no longer can touch me.

I smile as my body slides down yours, my hands finding your belt as I move my way down to the floor. I bat my eyelashes and smile as my fingers work your belt. I try to push you backwards to relax, but you shake your head, indicating you want to watch.

Your belt is finally undone. I pause. Then kiss the outline of your dick through the fabric. I can almost feel the pulsating. Your moan fills my ears as i quickly fiddle with the button and zipper of your slacks. Your hips lift slightly as I pull the slacks off, leaving the tight boxer briefs on.


The black waste band sits low on your hips, your cock pushing against the material, straining to come out and play. Tracing your outline once more I watch your eyes flutter closed. Leaning forward on my knees I am able to take the tip of your cock into my mouth. You can feel the heat, and a slight dampness, causing another twitch. I moan… the vibration is amazing.

Your hips rise up to push your fabric covered cock farther into my mouth. Slowly i take your entire length into the warmth of my lips and slowly suck, so that the pressure drives you wild.

Painstakingly, I slowly remove you from my mouth, while opening the slit in your briefs and sliding my right hand into the material to cup your balls. I gently pull down, while my left hand finally lets you free.

Your length fills my hand as I gently stroke you.

Up and down.

Up and down.

My forefinger skims your tip.

Up and down.

Up and down.

Once I again I look up, your eyes are lidded, but I know you can still see me. My hair is a mess from your hands, blonde strands curl between your fingers as you watch my blue eyes turn smokey with desire. Without hurry my attention turns back to my hands.

You seem to hold your breath while my head descends into your lap. You can feel my hot breath as I decide where to begin. Fingers still playing with your balls, you feel my lips gently kiss the tip of your cock. Holding the base of your shaft I let my spit drip down the side of you, while my hot mouth follows.





My lips meet my steady hand. Then they move together, never parting, the warmth from my mouth and spit making it easy to slide up and down. Up and down. I tighten my grip, and purse my lips, while sucking your cock like a tasty lollipop.

Your left hand braces yourself on the bed, while your right controls our pace from the back of my head. Loving the feeling of you controlling my movements, I push against you, only to feel your hand tighten in my hair and increase the pace.

I moan, the vibration of my mouth along your dick feels absolutely amazing. I cant help but flick my own nipple, and moan again at the wicked sensations driving through my body. Im so wet I could slide onto your cock and fuck you until we both fell over, deliciously sated.

Your hand increases our pace, I can feel your cock twitching in my mouth. I look up only to find you staring down at me. Your eyes are smokey, and your pupils are so dilated that your eyes look almost black. Your head tips back as your hips trust up and your hand pushes my mouth down, while I suck the tip to the back of my throat.

My palm squeezes around you to equalize the pressure of my mouth, while i gently pull your balls down and your hot cum fills my jaw.




January 8, 2013

Just a thought…
How is “Lets Get Personal” my second most viewed page, yet my inbox is lacking the attention is so rightly deserves? 


Just because I’m not frequently blogging… because of stupid school… doesnt mean im not checking my email and looking for that perfect piece of inspiration to bring the creativity out of hibernation.

Buck Wild

September 19, 2012

As I stood staring out the window of the little hunting cabin I couldnt help but wonder how much longer you were going to be. How long did it take to grab some fire wood anyways?

My body was chilled, you had left right after dinner… on the floor… in front of the dwindling fire… after round 3.

I knew when you got back we would slide into round 4 so I didnt bother putting my clothes on, just wrapping the blanket around myself was enough. Although now, I was starting to get cold, the fire from your hands wearing off. My nipples were hard and rubbing against the fabric as I shifted in front of the window. I shifted some more, loving the feeling of the rough fabric on such sensitive skin.

I heard your boots before I saw you. Heavy with snow you stomped across the porch in your sweats and unzipped hoodie;  a huge smile on your face when you saw me looking through the window. I let the blanket fall and walked away from the window, as you rushed in behind me.

“Hey Baby, I’m back” You kick off your boots and a devilish grin captures your face as you chase after me. Loving how my ass seems to bounce with every step I take, your dick is already trying to get out of your pants. “Fuck I love it when you run!” You can hear me giggle as I run around the corner and up the stairs to the loft.

“Come and get me!!”

I can hear your feet padding on the hardwood. Im getting so excited, hot, wet, thinking about you catching me. Finally pinning me against something, your body hard against mine. My breath catches and I try to take the steps two at a time. Of course, your legs are longer and despite my speed you catch me easily at the top of the stairs. Your body collides with mine, pushing me into the wall on the landing.

“I’ve got you now, little one” you breath into my ear.

I can feel your breath on my neck, growing quicker while I grind my ass back into you. Your chest hair tickles my back and I feel your bare shoulders pressed against mine, your hoodie is long gone. Your sweats constrict you, but feel soft against my plump ass, so I grind harder. I moan into the wall as you press me firmly in place. Your right hand coming around to grab my chin and turn my head to yours. Your tongue assaults my lips as your mouth devours mine. You press me more firmly into the cool wooden wall. The contrast of the cool wood and your hot body send shivers through me, as my clit throbs and I grow wetter. Your hands are rough, but cup my breast perfectly, your thumb crazing my already numb nipple. I moan and lean my head back on your shoulder. Your left hand leaves its controlling position on my hip to follow the bone leading down to my aching cunt. I cant help but to arch my back and force my ass back into your hips. As one hand expertly works my nipple the other explores the wetness you’ve already created.

One digit slips through my pussy lips, the moisture already gathered making it a smooth slide. Chest pushed out, I arch into your hand, willing you to finger fuck me until I cant move. Two fingers finally lunge into me and I almost scream, but your lips capture mine, and you swallow my ecstasy.

I try to spin in your arms, moving my body so that we are facing one another. You let me move, slowly as you rearrange your hands. Always possessive, always controlling. Finally we are facing one another. I look up into your eyes through my eyelashes and smile.

“What are you thinking, little one?” A slow smile curves my lips as I inch towards the floor, my thighs opening, knees braced on your shins. On my way down your sweats come with me. Slowly my hands are able to make contact with your hot skin. Taking extra care when removing your sweats from your ass, I fondle on my way down. My hands coming back to the front, my wrist accidently grazes your cock. You shiver. I kiss my way down your stomach, always looking up for approval. I brace myself on your thighs as I move down to rest on my knees at your feet. I look up again and whisper,

“I want you to fuck my face”. Your hand comes down and holds my head as you gently guide me towards your cock. Standing forward, proud and eager for attention. You watch, enthralled, as my tongue comes out of my mouth, teasing your throbbing tip. I slowly move down your shaft with a mix of kisses and licks, until I am at the base. Cupping your balls in my hands and slightly puling them down, I lick up the length of your shaft until my lips stretch over to take you fully into my mouth.

We moan together as your grip on my hair tightens and you begin to guide me in the speed that you desire. I moan again, loving the feeling of your cock stretching my jaw. The moaning sends vibrations through your body and I feel goosebumps form on your thighs. Not able to resist I slip my own hand down my own thigh and begin to tease myself. You dont miss a thing and pull my wondering hand away. Looking down at me you shake your head and hold out your other hand for mine. With one hand still cupping your balls, and my warm mouth still working your shaft, you move my free hand to assist my mouth. And re-brace yourself on the wall above me.

Feeling you standing over me while you fuck my mouth makes me writhe in pleasure on the floor at your feet. I cant help but want to suck you hard and fast. I moan again as I rock myself back and forth on my knees, the pressure on my clit feeling exquisite, and I feel you growing harder around my tongue. I want you to cum, I want to feel it run down my throat, but I would rather watch you shoot onto my tits after you’ve given me another mind blowing orgasm.

As if reading my mind, you pull back and bend to pick me up. But instead of tenderly holding me, you throw me over your shoulder and kiss my ass cheek, then let out a deep laugh as you take us down the hall to the bedroom. I giggle on your shoulder, my tits bobbing on your back as you walk.

You toss me down onto the bed, and I get lost amidst the large comforter and all the pillows. I giggle and dare you to come find me. I so excited thinking of you tracking me through the fabric. I try to get to the other side of the expansive bed and hide under the covers, but you grab my ankle and pull me back to you. My heart is racing as I am pulled across the bed. Your grip is moving up my leg and spinning me so that I stay on my tummy. You pull me back to the edge of the bed and part my legs, pulling my hips up and back, so that my ass is in the air. I can feel your breath on my hip, I wiggle just to see what you do. As punishment I get a slight smack, then your hands return to their demanding position on my hips. I can feel you moving behind me, getting comfortable and then I feel your breath across my pussy. Anticipation rising through my body, your tongue explores the freshly waxed area, and your fingers soon accompany it. I cant help but push back into your mouth as you slowly tease every inch of my cunt. I can almost feel the breath escaping you as you laugh at my obvious discomfort of too much pleasure. After sufficiently stretching me with three fingers you flip me over and devour my tits as you position your cock to replace your fingers. I cant help but try to shimmy closer to you. Your hands keep me where I am as your dark head raises and your eyes glitter with excitement. With a solid, propelling motion your cock drives into me. Balls deep, you begin to move, the friction feeling amazing as my pussy clamps around you. Holding my hips as I fondle my own nipples and throw my head back in euphoria, you pound me.

I cum almost instantly, one hand trying to brace myself, to make the thrust harder while the other plays with my clit. I cant help but scream as my orgasm tears me apart. Your cock seems to grow as I pulse around it, and you pull me closer to you. Wrapping my legs around you, you lift me up so that I can attack your mouth with my own. Our tongues battling for control as you spin me. My back hits the wall. Deliciously painful as the ends of my orgasm ripple through my body. You crush your body against mine, your chest hair tickling my sore nipples as you bite and nuzzle my neck. Pressing me back into the wall, I try to brace myself for the assaulting force that is coming. Fucking me up against the wall while I draw your earlobe into my mouth and gently bite it, you cum. Fast and Hard. Filling me up as your legs almost turn to jello.

Slowly turning us back towards the bed, you still rest inside me, your hands are supporting my weight by cupping my ass. You throw me back on the bed and quickly follow. Coming down into the bed you trap me underneath you.

I smile up at you as my hand moves down your belly towards your sill hard cock… “Ready for round 5?”


July 21, 2012


I was in the grocery store today, list in hand, strolling down the aisles attempting to find everything on the list and a random thought crossed my mind:
I am going to be such a great Mom! lol Random, I know. So I continue to find whats on the list, some of which includes lunch snacks for Bear and Myself. As I travel down the “granola bar and snack” aisle I come across gushers, fruit roll ups, Dad’s bite sized cookies etc. All go into the cart.

Now I know what you are thinking… uh, Goldi, just because you pack a kick ass lunch doesn’t mean you’re going to be an amazing Mom, lol. Yes, I realize this. I have the perfect role model for being an amazing mom, my own Mum. :) She was always truthful with me, she rarely sugar-coated anything, she loved me more than life itself and she always made sure I was safe. I think that these four things made me the confident, knowledgeable, and caring person that I have become. Although she was protective of me, Mum always made sure I was an individual first, I didn’t giggle or act silly around boys, I always said my please and thank-you’s and I was respectful of all those around me. I’m not saying that it was always cotton candy and rainbows in our house,  I have to admit there have been times where I just wanted to walk out the door or scream my heart out at her because “she wasnt listening” but I’m glad that we got all of our yelling and fighting out-of-the-way. I’ve come to the conclusion that although we are super close, we did “fight” or argue a lot while I was a teen because we are very similar: we are both very stubborn when it comes to having it our own way, neither of us lose gracefully and we are such empathetic people who sometimes have a hard time  taking a step back and analyzing before tearing someone’s head off. So thank you Mum, for providing me with someone to look forward to “sounding like” or “acting like”. So I will end this random post with something Mum always says:

“I only get you for a short while, then I have to share you with the world”

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