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Pretty Young Thing, Dirty Ole Man: Volume 2

July 19, 2012

I’m not sure how many of you follow Dr. CuCUMber, if you dont, get on that bandwagon! This is post is inspired by his latest post, “Dirty Ole Man/ Pretty Young Thing. Please read that post before continuing.


Lindsey had just returned home from her first year at college. She wasnt sure if she was making the right decision by returning home after what happened with her sister the previous summer. Lesley and Lindsey rarely spoke any more. Lindsey had practically disowned her sister after Lesley had told her about the man at the end of the block and the wild summer they had shared. Not wanting to even think about it Lindsey tried to pay attention to the road and where she would be able to park after rounding the corner to her parents neighborhood, her old neighborhood.

Pulling into the empty drive Lindsey slowly unfolded her long frame from her mini coop and proceeded to load her arms with her things and head to the front door. Keys in hand she opened the door and dropped her bags inside. After placing her keys on the side table she ran back outside to shut the hatchback. Walking through the tallish grass in the front yard Lindsey took her time. It was a great neighborhood to grow up in. She had missed it while studying in the big city. The tall trees and fresh air would do her good this summer. As she slammed the hatchback shut and made her way back up the drive Lindsay noticed the blue car coming down the street. The street was always dead, so any moving vehicle was easy to notice. Lindsey found herself slowing her pace and seriously looking at the vehicle.

He couldn’t wait to get home and out of the suit. It was itchy and annoyingly heavy in this heat. Stupid board meetings and their business attire. Normally he would have worn thin, roomy slacks and a looser button down, casual attire for a casual man. As he turned the familiar corner into the familiar territory. As he proceeded down the lane he couldn’t help but notice the mile high legs to his right. As he got closer, he almost mistook her for Lesley, but he knew Lesley’s legs, and these were too long. Slowing to a crawl, he didn’t care who was watching, he continued to look. She had long gorgeous legs, that grew into beautifully thick thighs and a tight ass clad in blue denim shorts. Her hips flared out making her trim waist seem non-existent. Her tummy was defined and bare as her tank was tied underneath her full chest, her breasts beautifully filling that neon pink bikini top. Her blonde hair reached past her shoulders, and only added to the sex appeal. Damn! Lindsey had come home, and she had seriously grown up! Watching her walk up the drive he could see how she had matured into a confident young woman. She was no longer the awkward young teen with legs too tall for her body. Lindsey had filled out quite nicely. She must have felt his hot stare because she stopped and turned towards him. He wasnt sure if he should freeze or speed down the lane to his home. For some reason his hands and feet made him pull over, and she started walking towards him.

She was thoroughly disgusted at the way she felt right now. Some perv slowing down to watch her walk into her own home? Not gonna happen. Since ending her first year at college, Lindsey rarely put up with any guys’ bullshit, and wasnt going to stop now. Stalking towards the dark blue car she couldn’t help but feeling a little excitement mingling with her anger. Walking right up to the car and about to tell this pervert off Lindsey stopped short as she came face to face with Mr.Donald  from the end of the block. Fuck! How was she supposed to react to this? This was the guy who, in her mind, ruined her sister. What older man in interested in a college girl? A perverted ole man! Not one to be rude, Lindsey figured she had already made it to the side of the car, she might as well say something to him.

“Hi, Mr Donald. Is there something I can help you with?” Lindsey crouched beside the vehicle to look Mr D in the face.

“Oh Hi Lindsey, I was just driving home and saw you. I thought I should say hi.” What a stupid reply? He was smoother than this, hell he was more mature than this. He could do better.

“Well Hi. Listen, Lesley isn’t home, so…” What the hell was he doing here? If Lesley wasnt home, and she probably was never going to come home, after what happened last summer. She was off “finding herself.” Mr. D had done a great job at seeing to her new sense of freedom from authority. Lindsey wasnt going to fall for this guy’s pickup lines or whatever other tactics he had used to draw her sister into his bed.

Not really knowing how to respond to her standoff-ish attitude, and her obvious knowledge of the events of last summer Mr. D just smiled.  “Oh, that’s fine. I wasnt stopping in to see her, just trying to be friendly, I guess.” Oh God! What was it with these sisters? Always able to throw him off and make him feel like a teenager trying to land his first date. 

“Well thank you for your neighborly greeting, have a good summer Mr. D” Lindsey unfolded herself from the side of the car, and turning on her heel headed back to the house. For the life of her she couldn’t understand what her sister saw in the man. He wasnt extremely good-looking, although the boy next door looks had stuck with him. Strong jaw line, a nice dusting of stubble along it. The bright blue eyes and impeccable smile.  She knew from last summer that he had a rockin body and he took care of himself. It was probably all that mowing of the lawn in only his shorts and his early morning jogs, again, no shirt. Shaking her head, Lindsey focused on not tripping while she made the rest of the way up the lawn. Once she reached the door, she pushed it open and walked inside without looking back. Pushing the door closed with her back she told herself not to peek out the window and watch him as he drove away.

Watching her walk up the lawn was torture. The denim shorts hugged her ass as her hips swayed with each step. Her legs flexing as she practically ran away from him. Lindsey was different. Not that Lesley was a slut, or an easy lay, not by any means. But Lindsey would be a challenge. He wasnt sure if he was up for it this summer, or if she would be. After all she had seemed uncomfortable when speaking with him. But he knew deep down she wanted something from him. He just wasnt sure what, yet. Mr. D pulled back onto the street and continued home. This suit had to come off asap!

————One Week Later————

“Come on Hoover! Come on! Lets go for a jog buddy!” Lindsey wrestled with Hoover on the front lawn as she tried to attach his leash to his collar. She had her jogging gear on and was ready for the daily torture. While away she had missed her late night jogs with Hoover. It had been one thing she had been seriously looking forward to when coming home. After finally attaching Hoover to his leash they were off, heading down the street. Ad always Hoover set the pace, a long brisk stride that would remain steady until they were almost back home. The night was cool, the hot sun finally starting to set on the horizon. Lindsay continued to follower Hoover down the street. Feeling the cool breeze on her warm body, she enjoyed the feeling of the old pavement under her runners and her muscles working to remain equal to her young dog. As they turned the corner, they grew nearer to the end of the street, the dead-end street. His house. This being the first jog being home Lindsey wasnt about to change her old routine just because of the way Mr. D made her feel. Which she still hadn’t figure out completely. The man made her uncomfortable, but excited. She didn’t like that combination, she felt as though he was dangerous, but he would never hurt her. Such conflicting emotions, Lindsey ran harder, Hoover smiled up at her, drool dripping out of his gums as he too picked up his pace.

Mr. D lounged in his front yard, Tanqueray & tonic in hand. Chest bare and his loosest shorts on he enjoyed the feeling of the freshly mowed grass between his toes and the smell of the rain to come in the air. It had cooled down considerably since that afternoon. The heat wave hitting the neighborhood had passed. It would storm tonight, he was sure of it. Sighing and completely relaxing into his well-worn chair, Mr D heard the footsteps before he saw her come around the corner. She was stunning as she ran. Her powerful, tan legs carried her tall frame as she lead the family dog, Hoover was his name, down the dirt road. She had her headphones in and the white cord was gently slapping against her breasts. Clad in running shorts, the kind that looked filmy, but had the spandex underneath, and a neon green sports bra, he had to remind himself that this wasnt Lesley looking for a good time, but rather Lindsey, who had clearly established that she wasnt looking for the same fun. Not sure if he should continue his drink or take it inside, he sat quietly, trying not to think of something to say when she got closer. She looked as though she was concentrating and although he would love to disturb her, she made him feel clumsy, and he didn’t do clumsy well. 

Feel Free to Continue Doctor, I can’t wait for what comes next.
xox – Goldi

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  1. January 19, 2013 10:59 am

    Fantastic work, Goldi.

    • January 26, 2013 10:12 pm

      Thank you!
      Unfortunately Dr. CuCUMber deactivated his blog and you can no longer access the first portion of this post :(


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