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Club Fever. Pt 1

May 20, 2012

He looked at me from across the dance floor, his eyes intrusive and harassing my body. I usually dont go for guys with piercings, but there was something about him. His nose ring on the left and stud on the right. His left eye brow was also pierced, and he had a sleeve on his right arm. His pitch black hair was a messy fo-hawk and he looked so fucking hot that I was almost drawn towards him.

I felt good tonight. Sexy. Hot. I was wearing sinfully tight jeans, an open back top, with no bra. My hair was big, curly and covered my almost bare shoulders. I found my heeled feet moving closer across the floor, around sweaty bodies. Closer to him. I was confident. I’m sure he knew it. He smiled?

He grinned when he realized I was walking towards him with a purpose. He also started walking. Through the sweat, the smell of booze and horny people, the bass of the current song guiding both of us closer to one another. We came together in the middle of the song. His jean clad hips pushed into me. I felt his cock through his denim and I couldn’t help but push against him. His hands wrapped around my hips and pulled me closer. His head came down, close to my ear.

“Are you ready?”

My response? To push myself farther into him. I pulled back and looked up into his eyes. That was all the encouragement he needed, as he gently turned me and pulled my ass back into his cock. The beat of the song guided his ever so talented hips and we swayed and rocked to the music. His breath warm on my neck, slowly kissing his way up to my ear.

“Fuck you feel so good baby. Push that ass farther back… Thats it” His voice sounded strained, and dark. I could feel his cock growing harder as my pussy soaked my lace through. I let my head fall back onto his shoulder and his hands found my hip bones. He continued to hold me tight against him. His fingers splayed across the front of my jeans, his hands forming a diamond over the zipper of my denim. I could feel the tip of each digit digging into me. Pulling me closer, if that was possible. I dont know how long we dance together, or rather  we practically fucked on the dance floor. But I didn’t care. I didn’t care where my friends were, or if he had come with someone or not. All I cared about was how amazing his body felt against mine and how incredible his voice sounded in my ear. I moaned again as his hands moved lower, almost past the ending point of the zipper. I silently begged him to move lower, to pull down that zipper and slip one finger inside so he could feel how wet he made me. How much I needed him inside me. Fucking me. Having pure control over me.

I tried to move, to twist myself so that I could face him. But his arms held me in place, “Just turn your head baby, that’s all you need to do.” I listened, and as soon as my neck strained to the right his lips captured mine and his tongue forced its way into my mouth. We moaned together. I ground back into him as hard as I could. The pressure between us felt amazing. All I could do was sway with his body, move the way his hips encouraged me to move. I was lost. Between his tongue and smell I could barely stand. I wanted, no needed to cum. I need him to let me cum.

I ended the breathtaking make-out session and whispered into his ear, “Can we go now?”

“Oh I dunno if that would be a good idea. I might break you Baby girl.”

I looked him dead in the eye, “Break me”. Before all the words had left me mouth he was pulling me through the crowd, towards the door. I couldn’t believe it! He was taking me home. I was going home with him. I was going home with a dark stranger, who possessed the most gorgeous denim clad ass I had ever seen.

A blast of fresh air hit me hard in the face. We had made it out of the club. His hold was firm as he held me close, waiting for the next cab. He pulled me back into him, sheltering my almost nakedness against his black t-shirt. His giant arms enfolded me inside his heat. A cab rolled up and I was quickly shuffled inside. He came down on top of me, after giving the address to the cabby.

His weight felt amazing across my body. His hands were expertly making their way inside my top. My nipples begged for his thumbs. He controlled my body, my mouth, my emotions. His hips again began to grind against me. If it was possible I became wetter, my clit throbbed against the lace and denim entrapment. I needed him, all of him. My hands slowly moved across his back, feeling the length of his spine, they  made their way to his ass. His hand moved from my shirt, to stop my own.

“Oh, not yet Baby Girl. I have plans for you”

The cabby cleared his throat, announcing we had arrived. The dark stranger slowly helped me out of the cab, so I wouldn’t expose myself, or hit my head in the doorway. I unfolded myself from the cab and looked up, past Stranger, the building was gorgeous. Tall, steel, and expansive. He again lead me. Up the stairs, and through the blue arch into the building.

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  1. September 8, 2013 10:18 am

    A wicked beginning!
    Good show!

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