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Form Spring! – Naughty Questionnaire 04-14

April 14, 2012


Pop Quiz: Please describe the most indiscriminate place you have ever masturbated. Extra credit points: Were you caught?

Well I could just sub in an erotic tale for this answer, but I will be innocently truthful.
I have just recently started masturbating. If you’ve read previous posts on the blog, you will know my feelings towards my own fingers. However, Bear and I have been expanding our toy population and I rather enjoy having alone time with the butterfly. And no, I’ve never been caught.

As of yet, the masturbation has been confined to the bedroom, but who knows if I will be able to contain it there much longer.




And now for that erotic tale previously mentioned…

As I lay my head back on the blanket, I could feel the tiny blades of grass poking through. The low hanging tree branches were protecting me from the assaulting sun. It was a nice warm afternoon and Jake had run over to the ice cream stand on the other side of the park to get us a lovely snack.

We had been lying in the park all afternoon, talking, kissing, getting to know one another. I felt like I had a real connection with him. My skirt ruffled over my thighs as the breeze played with the fabric. My loose tank also moved with the wind. I just lay there content with the feeling of being seduced by the breeze and comforted by warmth of the sun.

I felt my hands moving over my body, my mind drifting towards a picture of those grey eyes, and the dark bangs that sometimes hid them. My hand brushed over my thighs, under my skirt. My skin was so smooth, my finger tips felt like silk. I continued to caress my own skin as my fingers continued their search. The tree offered enough shade that I didn’t feel completely exposed. But that was the thrill wasnt it? To get caught?

Feeling the thrill spread through my body I inched closer to the tree, the shade and branches protecting me from onlookers. My fingers resumed their search for their treasure. I played with my left nipple, my pussy grew tight and hot. I could feel the tingling sensation, that was the suspense. My fingers found the lace of my panties slowly tracing the thin fabric protecting my cunt from anxious probing. I continued to tease myself, running the pad of my thumb over my clit as two fingers grazed along the folds of my lips, the moisture beading through the thin material. My hips arched up, wanting more, needing to feel something between my thighs.

I continued to tease, to float along barely touching, yet making the need worse. My panties almost becoming soaked through, only then did one finger slip under the fabric, and slowly spread the cum around my clit and lips. Again my hips arched into my hand, slowly I moved myself so that the heel of my palm was pushing against my clit as two fingers finally found what they had been seeking. Moaning I switched from let to right nipple, sensations rippling through my body.


I froze.

“So I see we wont be needing ice cream for dessert”

I slowly opened my eyes and looked up into grey. I smiled and shrugged.

“We’ll you were taking too long. I get bored easily”

“Good to know for next time, Sugar. Care if I finish you off?”

I smiled again, flipping up my skirt to reveal the white lace beneath

“…You can try”

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  1. April 18, 2012 6:59 pm

    I am working on increasing my toy collection as well. What, pray tell, is a butterfly?

    • April 18, 2012 7:15 pm

      Its similar to a rabbit, but has a butterfly instead lol I just call it my butterfly.
      After I saw your ben wa balls though I think I may have to search for my own. I think that would be fun!!!

      • April 18, 2012 7:35 pm

        Just make sure that you insert them far enough otherwise they might feel uncomfortable at first. Also be careful when you go to the bathroom so you don’t lose them! A glimpse into how my mind works: The other night I was wondering this…If a squirter is wearing ben wa balls and starts to orgasm, do they shoot out like missiles?

      • April 18, 2012 7:39 pm

        OMG! lol thats such a good question. We need to find us a squirter! lol

  2. April 19, 2012 1:19 pm

    My darling Goldilocks, you have a streak of deviance in you. I’m so glad I was helpful in eliciting that delicious tale.

  3. April 19, 2012 4:24 pm

    OH.. I’m getting a … crap. What’s the name..
    *thinks for a few…*
    hitachi! :) I can’t wait.. I”ve heard some pretty amazing things….


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