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King Anthologies – Entry Six

March 9, 2012

As he walked down the street devouring his burger, King watched the people around him. Rushing all around him, pushing and shoving to get where they needed to go.

People rushed too much. Sometimes he liked to sit and watch people, but today he couldn’t do that. He was late for his shift because of some asshole in the Burger King line up. Stupid fuck couldn’t decide what he wanted to eat, but he had 15 minutes to stand in line and yell into his stupid phone. King threw his wrapper into the trash and kept walking. Usually he wasn’t this irritable, must be the hang over. His abs still hurt from the solid boot connection last night with Red. Fuck he wanted to see her again. Couldnt stop thinking about her.

King rounded the corner to Jo’s place. Cameron’s lights were out next door. They wouldn’t come on for another 5 hours or so. Neither would Jo’s. Boots sloshing through the alley sludge King made his way through the staff side entrance. As soon as he entered the building his senses were overwhelmed with perfume… Ahh scene change, Jo was auditioning more girls. King walked through the bar to the stage, mastering the maze of round tables and bar stools. He looked up at the stage. A busty blonde was working the pole, shaking her ass and flaunting her perfect teeth at Jo. King couldn’t help but smile. Damn, Jo knew how to pick ’em. Sliding into a chair next to Jo, King spoke,

“Looks like you have things covered here” King smiled at the blonde, she winked back.

“Well I know what I want.” Jo nudged King in the ribs, “Fuck King! You smell like booze” Jo shooed the blonde off the stage and turned to look at King. “I dont like my muscle being drunk of the job kid, whats up?” Jo seemed genuinely concerned.

King let out a deep breath and leaned back in the chair. “I ran into a woman last night after my shift.” Jo’s right eyebrow lifted.

“And? Well continue!” Jo leaned forward in his chair.

“Well she kicked my ass, told me to Fuck Off, and ran down the alley between the club and Cameron’s.” King sighed again. Going over the details of Red and his encounter was making him hard… he needed to think about something else.

“What? You a pussy now? Did a little girl hurt you” Jo laughed hysterically then resumed looking at his clipboard. He looked up and yelled at Lenny to get the next audition started. “Hey, King get the kegs from the loading dock for me? And sober up! We got a busy night tonight! Three bachelor parties are comin’ in.”

“Yeah, no problem” King pushed his chair back into the table where it belonged, then headed for the back loading dock. Boots thumping as he walked his thoughts returning to Red. He shoved the heavy metal door open and walked out onto the locking dock. Once outside he took in his surroundings, and almost shit his pants when he saw Red. She was talking with the muscle from Cameron’s club. They looked like they knew one another, real well too.

King couldn’t help but stare, she was gorgeous. But she was wearing the same clothes as last night, did she spend the night there? King thought about making an excuse to venture over and see what she was up to, but just then she turned.

Their eyes connected and King felt his dick growing in his jeans. Her eyes were hot with anger, and she looked like she was ready to take it out on something, or someone. Fuck he was in trouble!

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  1. Kat permalink
    March 9, 2012 7:08 pm

    I can’t wait til we get into the juicy stuff!

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