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January 15, 2012

My panties are damp, slowly becoming soaked as I watch you from across the room. I cant help but notice your thick muscled arms and wonder if you cock is thick too. I slowly sip my coffee while I watch you read the paper. Your legs firmly apart, your light jeans hugging your thighs. I bet if you angled your body towards mine I would see the bulge of your cock.

I continue to sip my sweet drink as my eyes explore your body. I wonder if the myth of large feet also mean your cock is hug as well. White sneakers adorn your feet and match perfectly with your light denim. I again rack my gaze up your legs and along your trim waist and black t-shirt, your tanned skin peeking out of the collar and matching the smoothness of your arms. You are wearing a silver watch on your left wrist. The kind that a woman would associate with money. Yet you wear no suit or fancy clothing and the confidence in your seated position makes me wetter.

I think about what it would be like to sit across from you and see your dark eyes peek out from your brown curls. I wonder what it would be like to slip off my flip-flop and feel your cock through the denim. While leaning across the table eye fucking the shit out of you as my foot gives attention to your lower head. You take a drink of your, what I am assuming is coffee, and I notice you seem to be left handed, with no ring. Hmmm… delightfully delicious.

I think about wandering over to your table, it would be about 5 steps or so. I also think about dropping the napkin with my phone number that has been sitting on the table for the past 20 minutes, on your lap as I walk out of the cafe. I dont know if I have the courage, or if getting up at that moment with soaking panties is the greatest idea. Walking with a swollen clit would set me off edge, and if you were to look at me and smile politely while I passed I would wonder if that smile was an invitation or formality. I looked away from you for a moment in an attempt to try and clear my head. When I looked back you were gone.

A touch disappointed I sipped the last of my drink and proceeded out of the cafe, dropping the napkin and cup in the trash as I went. Not noticing anything in general as I exited the cafe, mind still on you, panties still wet with my arousal, I continued to walk down the street. Feeling a calm presence around me I walked, window shopping when it was convenient. The breeze feeling amazing against my hot swollen pussy. My dress allowing for extra coolness, sashayed while I walked. The sun beating down on me I reached to bring my hair to one side of my shoulder. Walking past the park I decided to detour and sit by a tree in a remote place on the edge of the greenery.

I felt you before I saw you. Coming around the tree I had just passed. I was underneath a willow shaded from prying eyes. You step under the branches and look at me while you come closer. The leaves stretching high enough that you do not need to bend or accommodate them. As I make my self comfortable on the soft grass I realize you must have followed me, otherwise you wouldnt know I was under the tree. Strangely I am not frightened, but excitement fills my lungs and my heart beats faster as I watch you grow closer. Shadows play around your dark eyes, making them look darker than they looked in the cafe. Mystery surrounds you. I wonder what your voice sounds like, if it is deep and rich. If you could melt me with one syllable.

Without saying a word, you sit beside me. Your powerful thigh making contact with mine, I feel my center grow warm and moist once more. All I can do is wait, keep my hands on my lap and try to refrain from providing my own release. Your hand moves from your own lap to mine and our eyes meet. Your thumb slowly caresses my fingers as our hands intertwine. I make a motion to move towards you, and you turn yourself from beside to hovering above me. Moving my knees apart and my dress up in one smooth motion.

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  1. Kat permalink
    January 15, 2012 11:09 am

    reading this in the morning while my man sleeps always makes me wish i had the heart to disturb his sleep for a little play time

  2. January 15, 2012 7:20 pm

    Hotter than the coffee she sipped so slowly!
    sev xx

  3. January 17, 2012 1:42 pm

    Tight blue jeans – CHECK
    Trim waist – CHECK
    Silver watch on left wrist – CHECK
    Brown curls – CHECK
    Left handed – CHECK
    Prying eyes – CHECK
    Being alone in a public place – CHECK

    Do I know you?

    • January 17, 2012 3:20 pm

      LOL!! Not that I am aware of…. I kinda just plucked it out of my head.. although half of these attributes also apply to Bear…
      I am into brunettes of the male variety… what hand is dominate couldnt interest me less, as long as you know how to use both. Trim waist is nice, but not a necessity. I am a curvy girl and my guy needs to be “bigger” or “thicker” than me. I always picture any “fantasy guy” with a silver watch lol and tanned skin. As for prying eyes? Well that is majority of my readers, and I’ve always wanted to fuck in a private place. OH and any man who has a nice ass better be wearing tight blue jeans.
      Also I did write the post after reading your blog, and seeing some of your twitter pics… so you might have been some of the inspiration ;)

      So we will see where the 2nd part of this post goes… I might need further inspiration…. Get ta postin’ Doctor ;)

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