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Never Let go

January 14, 2012

As he spread his fingers over my lower abdomen a tingle ran through my entire body. His eyes were on mine, never leaving, always there. I could feel his hand moving lower, the other hovering over my left nipple, not touching, just there. I felt my breath rush out of my body when his thumb pressed into my flesh, his forefinger playing, teasing, enjoying. His fingers swirled through my moisture, exciting me beyond belief. I couldn’t move, my body paralyzed with pleasure from only his fingers and constant stare.

The rise and fall of my chest lead to the eventual left hand smothering my breast, his fingers artfully caressing my breast, while the others tortured me into a quick and luxurious orgasm. His mouth descending on my pussy while I came. He curled me into his lap after he was finished devouring my juices. His hands slowly moving the hair out of my face, he kissed me forehead and asked if I was ready for another. His lips caressing my cheeks and lips while the tenderness of his voice filled my ears. I curled deeper into his warm chest, the after effects of the orgasm still rippling through me. He hand moved from my hips to spread my knees apart and allowing more space for his fingers to continue their adventure. Using one finger he slipped through the velvet between my thighs, stroking my clit while the other two played deep within me. I could feel the pressure on my g-spot growing while he continued to massage my clit into a tighter bud.

I could help but moan and curl deeper into his chest. His masculine sent filing my nostrils while his shaft grew harder and larger between our bodies. While continuing to play between my thighs he moved me underneath him and slowly filled me, his cock taking the place of his fingers. Gracefully moving together I orgasmed and he held me, never letting go, always there, always wanting more.

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