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King Anthologies- Entry Five

January 14, 2012

Beep, Beep, Beep. SLAM!

King removed his hand from his now damaged alarm clock. He tried to open his eyes, head thrumming with pain. 4pm. He had drank too much last night! He never lost control. He didn’t have a drinking problem. He rarely drank, didn’t like the feeling of being unaware. Then why the fuck did he drink himself into a coma last night? Trying to sit up without vomiting all over the carpet, King held his head in his hands.

The sharp light was cutting through the window, if he leaned far enough to the left it missed his sensitive eyes. Trying to concentrate enough to get up from the bed and make it to the medicine cabinet King struggled. He stumbled to the washroom, popped two Advil and turned on the shower. Heat quickly filled the small room, the mirror fogged. He stepped into the shower, discarding his briefs while doing so. Letting the water cascade over his sore body felt amazing. He grabbed the wash-cloth and soaped up. Letting the water rinse him off he washed his hair next. Usually he didn’t like long showers, feeling as though it wasted time. But today he needed it. The warm water relaxing his sore alcohol filled body. King couldn’t remember the last time he had consumed so much booze. How did he even get back to his hotel room? Turning the water off and towelling himself he brushed his teeth. The mint foaming in his mouth refreshing him more than the shower.

Thinking back about last night he ran through his timeline. Lunch before his shift, watched Rachel on the bar, Tammy on stage left, Romy on the pole and Tara busing tables. A regular night. Had a quick burger at the bar, chatted up Lyndsy and then back to his rounds. Threw three dirty assholes out, stopped a deal in the washroom and then helped the girls out and into their vehicles and headed home. He was hungry after his shift, so he headed to the hotdog stand near his hotel. Then all he could remember was red.

Red! Thats right, that tight ass, perky tits and badass attitude. King couldn’t believe it. as he ran through their encounter again shock reentered his system. Not only had she sworn at him and told him what to do, but she had basically left a boot print in his abdomen. Jesus the woman was fire. He couldn’t help but feel the need to see her again. To talk to her, to touch her. Wait… what? It’s not like he wasnt getting enough sex, that wasnt the issue, but damn if he didn’t want her. Supple curves, fire-red hair, attitude that would be amazing to dominate. Or at least try. Damn if he didn’t want to go out and find her.

King glanced at the clock on the night stand. 4:45, he still had time to grab some breakfast before he had to leave to the club. Jo wanted him there earlier today to help with the “scene change”. Damned if King knew what that meant. But that also gave him a chance to scope out the club next door. Cameron’s club. And that needed to be done asap. It would give King an advantage to go in while there were no customers or ladies to watch out for. King grabbed his jacket after slipping on ripped jeans and a black t-shirt and walked out the door.

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