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To Vibe or not to Vibe

January 4, 2012

Bear is on a sex toy spree lol He has been talking about it for a while. Wondering if “we should spice it up, not that it isn’t spicy enough right now” — his words lol. Silly man.Of course I am into that! Hells lets go all out, vibrator, butt plug and whips lol

Anyways I have also been thinking about this topic for a while. I have always wanted a vibrator and I love experimenting in the sack. So to see that he is so open to everything is encouraging and exciting. So I guess my concerns are the proper usage, as well as what kind of vibrator or toys in general should we purchase?

Obviously Bear is open to everything otherwise he wouldn’t be the one who is “setting up a date” to the sex shop this afternoon lol But I know once we get into the shop his excitement will cause his mouth to be glued shut and his input will cease. Mostly because I think he gets embarrassed openly talking about anything remotely sexual, in a serious way, in public. He is very private in that respect. Which is completely fine.

I have heard multiple information from different sales personal as well as friends on what is appropriate vs. what is better for couples etc. So I ask you my readers… what do you prefer and what do you think I should nix?


Also another who is talking about this topic, Check it out!!
Which Vibe is the Right Vibe? (

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