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King Anthologies – Entry Three

January 2, 2012

Ripley continued down the alley, scanning the area for anything that looked unusual. This was the regular drop off location. She continued to scan the area. Another block and she would be at the drop off point and she could get back to her computer and continue her search with the new information she was acquiring tonight.  Dammit why did Zane have to get his ass into such trouble? She couldnt just his ass rot, or worse, die.

It was the big sister’s duty to look out for her younger siblings right? Even if they weren’t blood? Zane was close enough as far as she was concerned. They had met in the orphanage ten years back. Zane had made fun of her red hair, she had punched him in the gut, and they had been inseparable since. Well until now. Until he got caught up in the black market then became a part of it. She needed to find him. They survived together, and although going down the alley at this ungodly hour in the morning made her shake and uncomfortable she would do what she could to get Zane back where he belonged.

Ripley turned the final corner and came face to face with Tank. The stupid roid machine  she was supposed to be doing the exchange with. She clutched the paper bag closer to her chest. Her life savings… this intel she was getting better be worth it. It was, Zane was worth her life. She looked up at Tank,

“Alright I’m here. Tell me what you know”. Trying to look taller than her 5’5″ self Ripley tried to stretch her spine, lifting her chin a little while looking Tank in the eye. His 6’5″ massive self just looked down at her as if she were a bug.

“He wants to talk to you”. Tank made a move to turn around. Ripley’s hand shot out to grab his elbow.

“Oh hell no, that was not the deal. I dont meet with him. You’re the messenger. Here’s your money tell me where Zane is!” She started to shake, anger replacing fear. Tank continued to look at her as if she meant nothing to him.

“Enough with the attitude sweetie, what Cameron wants, Cameron gets and he wants to talk to you.” Tank grabbed Ripley and threw her over his shoulder and walked farther into the dark.

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