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The King Anthologies – Entry One

October 3, 2011

He walked through the dark alley, steel toes splashing in the puddles, duster sweeping the cold street, glock secured tightly at the small of his back. He kept a brisk pace, listening to the city around him. Horns honking, streetlights blinking on the next block over. Bums stench filling his nostrils from the end of the alley. His stomach rumbled. All normal 4am activity in this lonely city.

Why he was assigned here he would never understand. It was your standard, “I have too many people to be called a town, so lets call me a city. Even though I only have two shopping malls, three gas stations, and shit tone of strip clubs and liquor stores”. King continued to walk down the alley. His shift at the Black Diamond strip club ended an hour ago and he was starving. Although he didnt like the sleaze-ier joint, he had made a sympathized with some of the strippers. He felt for them, knew their troubles. Most of the girls were single moms who finally got away from a dirtbag boyfriend who knocked them up in high-school. Just trying to make a living. King could relate to that, he was just trying to make a living. He protected the girls, Jo didn’t hire meth heads, these girls had clear-enough heads. They might be buzzing, but they were talented dancers and deserved respect.

King had spotted the help wanted sign walking past one night. First night in the city, and he needed to come up with a cover ASAP. He walked in, took one look at Jo, told him he needed a job and was working a 8 hour shift the next night. Perfect cover, working a strip joint connected to a club. He would be able to feel out the regular night owls and get out of here within the month. He hated the smaller jobs. Less money. But he wanted Cameron Higgs off the street more than he wanted a fat paycheck.

Cameron Higgs. Bad news! Just thinking about him made King’s fists curl. His pace quickened, he rounded the corner and was almost knocked on his ass.

“What the fuck, asshole!” Recovering quickly, King grabbed an ankle just before it hit his abdomen with enough force to jar him unstable again. Looking up into fiery green eyes and a hell of a lot of red hair King kept hold of the slender ankle.

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  1. Gillian Colbert permalink
    October 4, 2011 8:03 am

    Nice teaser…

    • October 4, 2011 6:40 pm

      Thanks :) I am glad you enjoyed it!
      Dont worry more to come. King’s story is just buzzing through my brain.


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