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Flash Fiction Friday September 09

September 9, 2011

Her feet made a crunching sound in the snow. Her nipples were hard from the chill in the air. The red cloak only did so much, walking for hours in the dark woods during winter was never something she enjoyed.

As she continued to walk, she couldn’t help but notice a noise to her left. She continued to walk, clutching the basket tighter to her chest. Branches swayed with the cold wind around her, bringing faint smell to her nose.

Ahh she mused, he had found her. She continued with her labored pace, she let herself relax. If Wolf wanted to play she wasnt going to go down easily. Where was the fun in that? She took in her surroundings while trying to figure out how far behind he was. She could smell him a bit clearer now.

Picking up her pace red fanned out behind her she moved with speed and stealth. It wouldn’t be enough of course, Wolf was fast, trained. She quickly stepped under the spruce to her left, then sprinted to the shelter of the trees straight ahead. She was almost there, she could see the cottage.

OOF! Her face hit the frigid snow. She could feel him breathing on her neck, his hand moving up the bottom of the cloak, his fingers burning her skin. She spread her legs wider for him, her pussy wet with anticipation. And as he slipped inside her without a word she bucked back with passion and energy. After all what was the sex without the chase?

Flash Fiction Friday 09-09
200-255 words
no phrase challenge

Also Please be aware that it was not in fact the Lovely Panserbjørne (Insatiabear) who challenged us this week, but Max. Pls Visit his page for the details to this week’s FFF.

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