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Summer Lovin’ PT 3

September 9, 2011

Previously written on Summer Lovin’ PT 2

All entries for this anthology will have a link to the previous for those who are just beginning to read. Feel free to click on the link to refresh, or to move your way to the beginning. (All entries will have a link to the previous as well as the next entry, once it has been written.)


As she followed Riggs down the path, Andy panicked. Was she doing the right thing? Walking off with a stranger? Sweat started to bead down her forehead, aiming for her eyes. She wiped it away, along with some of the worry.

Who was she kidding? If something happen she bet she could take him. Or at least hurt him enough to run away. All those karate classes weren’t for nothing. She had a black belt and street smarts, or she liked to think so. So she kept walking, a little taller and a little more relaxed, confident in herself and her abilities.

“So, where are you from Andy?” Riggs, peeked back at her, she was gorgeous! Long black hair pulled back into a pony with bangs slicked to the side of her forehead. Sweaty in the forest, not the ideal situation to meet a woman, but hell Riggs wasnt complaining.

“Uh the city, about 300 kms north.” She didn’t offer anymore information. Riggs nodded and continued to walk.

“That’s cool. I grew up on a farm about 50 kms out of a city. The buildings are beautiful. Loud though. I much prefer the grass, blue skies and clear nights myself.” Riggs turned a corner, leading them farther up the beach and into the forest. He slowed his pace marginally but continued to lead them through the twists and turns he previously mentioned. Riggs could hear her breathing, and smell her delicious vanilla scent wafting through the breeze to meet his starving noise

When he first saw her swimming in the lake, he couldn’t help himself. He had come back to grab the water bottle left behind on the beach. Not one for littering he was just about to pick it up when he noticed other belongings. Curious he scanned the water and sure enough saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen rise out of the water. The shiny black mass of hair on her head, and the gorgeous set of tits bouncing out of the water was enough to lead him in after her. She had already gone back under, so he headed in her general direction. Instead of waiting for her to surface he saw her body gliding under the water and decided to get in her way. He felt her hands brush his knees and she surfaced. Once he actually come face to face with her he was lost. Falling head over heels for the dark green eyes and thick black hair surrounding the perfect heart-shaped face. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get away from her if he tried. After he grabbed hold of her curvy body he was screwed! Asking to lead her to Theresa’s beach seemed like the only logical thing to do. And his penis agreed.

“So uh… how much farther Riggs?” Andy found herself lagging behind. Thoughts of steamy nights and hot kisses were filling her head. She couldn’t get the sexy memory of half-naked Riggs out of her head. She needed to get away from him before she did something stupid. The sooner he “dropped her off” the better.

—– Stay tuned for PT 4

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