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Summer Lovin’ PT 2

August 28, 2011

Previously written on “Summer Lovin’ PT 1” …

All entries for this anthology will have a link to the previous for those who are just beginning to read. Feel free to click on the link to refresh, or to move your way to the beginning. (All entries will have a link to the previous as well as the next entry, once it has been written.)



Mouth open wider than her eyes, Andy flayed around trying to get to the surface. Sputtering and choking on water she tried to wipe her hair away from her face. Struggling for breath while finding her footing she hadn’t fully absorbed the situation. A strong forearm curled around her waist adding extra support to her shocked body. Once catching her breath and getting all the hair out of her face she was able to look up into the face of the strong-arm bracing her.

“Oh my god” Andy squeaked. She felt her cheeks glow red. Looking up into bright blue eyes glittering with laughter Andy had never felt so embarrassed in her life. She prided herself on being organized, well-behaved and always prepared. Apparently today wasnt her day.

“Are you ok?” Green Shorts asked. He held her tighter against his body. Andy was all too aware of the toned muscle rubbing against her softer, fuller figure. She liked it. Quickly shaking her head of all sexual sensations she tried to reply,

“Uh…” Well, that did go over very well. Trying again Andy opened her mouth, “I’m uh… Andy”. Well so much for answering his question. Her cheeks grew redder.

Way to embarrass yourself Andy! You’ve got this hot half-naked guy holding your sputtering ass up out of the water and all you can manage to say is ,”I’m uh… Andy?” Jesus woman! Get a hold of yourself! At least straighten your torso and stick out what your mama gave ya! Trying to hold herself up right as much as she could manage, still out of breath. Andy tried again. “I’m sorry. My name is Andy. And thanks”. Slowly pulling herself out of his grasp Andy made sure her bathing suit was still covering her tasty bits and straightened her spine.

“Oh no problem! I actually lost my watch out here earlier and wanted to come and see if I could find it. I noticed your backpack on the beach, but I didn’t see you in the water. I’m sorry if I scared you.” Green Shorts looked around, then back to her. Andy found herself getting lost in his dazzling baby blues. Finally letting go of Andy, Green Shorts backed up a bit; Causing miniature waves to form and crash against his hard stomach, “I’m Riggs. Nice to meet you Andy. What do you say we get you outta the water?”

“Uh, yeah that would be good.” Riggs turned and headed towards the shore. Andy followed. She couldn’t help but notice as the water level shrank, Riggs’ legs grew. Long decently muscled legs walked out of the water. But damn! That ass. Andy almost tripped. Not paying attention to actually wading herself through the water, thank god for the extra resistance against her body, preventing her from yet another embarrassing situation.

“So are you camping close by?” Riggs toweled off on the beach. Andy couldn’t help but notice that his arms were just at pretty to look at as his chest, abs, ass and legs. Dammit! She needed to get away from this guy before she threw herself at him. Hair freshly tousled and already starting to curl, Riggs blue eyes stood out even more being bordered by the dark locks. He had a bit of a lopsided smile, adding charm to his roughly chiseled face. Stubble from lack of a razor was showing on his jaw and chin.

“Well actually,” Andy tried to shake off the attraction she felt… it wasnt working, “I am supposed to meet my brother and his friends by Theresa’s Beach. I think I am lost though. I’ve been walking for about three hours now, and I must have taken a wrong turn because Matt said it was only two hours tops from the road.” Trying to distance herself from Riggs, she also grabbed her towel and started to dry off.

“Actually you’re pretty close. I know how to get to the public beach from here, did you want me to show you?” Riggs threw his towel into his pack and his pack over his shoulders. Slipping his shoes over his sand covered feet he looked up.

“Well if it’s not out of your way. I mean I dont want to detour you from doing what you came — “

“Andy its fine. Come on, it will be faster if I take you, than you trying to find your way through the twists and turns of the underbrush.” Riggs started walking east down the beach. Quickly Andy shoved her ass into her shorts, T-shirt over her shoulders and grabbed her pack and runners before being left behind. Once clothed and her feet runner clad she looked up to follow Riggs. She couldn’t help but stare at that green clad ass… maybe letting him show her wouldn’t be that bad after all.

—-stay tuned for PT 3

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  1. August 31, 2011 1:07 pm

    “—-stay tuned for PT 3”

    I am!


    • September 5, 2011 12:41 pm

      Thanks Hedone!
      I am glad to have a faithful reader. I plan to put in one long or two shorter entrieds tonight. Universtiy starts tomorrow so we will see how deticated I really am ;)

      Glad you are enjoying so far!



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