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Summer Lovin’

August 25, 2011

Welcome to a story about Summer Love and all the sexual frustration, second guessing and small adventures that comes with a first love’s kiss on the beach.

All entries for this anthology will have a link to the previous for those who are just beginning to read. Feel free to click on the link to refresh, or to move your way to the beginning. (All entries will have a link to the previous as well as the next entry, once it has been written.)


THWAK. Another branch hit her in the face
I’m going to kill him! I’m going to splatter his brains all over the stupid ground! Andy continued to try to walk through the dense forest. So much for an awesome camping get away. The bugs were eating her alive, she was pretty sure she almost broke her foot falling down the hill about 10 minutes back, and she was positive that she had bruised her thigh when she came crashing down onto a random rock in the middle of the path.

Stupid nature! She didn’t sign up to be harassed by foliage. She also didn’t sign up to babysit her brother and friends while they all had a great time and she had to be Ms. Responsibility. If Koran booked off the weekend like Andy had said then she wouldn’t alone in this stupid mess. Werent best friend supposed to stick together? Not abandon one another to their family? Why couldn’t her parents understand that her brother was 20 years old! He could do whatever he wanted! She didn’t care. She was 25 and graduated from college. She did not come back to resume babysitting and lunch packing duties. THWAK another branch.

“OWE! GOD DAMMIT!” Thats it! Next rock or log or whatever she was sitting down and waiting for them to turn around and come to her. Where was this goddamned lake that she was supposed to meet Matt and his friends at anyways? There was supposed to be a beach, nice warm water and grainy sand. Not a rock beach, but perfect sand. Her backpack suddenly became a lot heavier. She felt as though she was carrying another person. Shifting the pack on her shoulders she kept walking. She could hear the wind in the trees along with the smallest sound of laughter. She must be getting close. The sound of splashing and boys laughing kept growing louder. She rounded another corner, this time keeping her hands at the ready in case of another fly away branch. Andy pulled apart the door the branches made and looked out onto the beach.

Yep there was sand there, there were also guys… just not the guys she was looking for. Three tanned and toned bodies were running into the water. There were three backpacks and towels littered on the beach. Staying behind the safety of the branches, Andy continued to watch. She found herself fascinated by the dude in the green shorts. The shorts barely staying on his lean hips. Her gaze travelled up his tanned back to his wide shoulders. His shaggy brown hair curling just above them. Then he was gone, diving into the water. His friends splashed around, then they also dived under the blue.

God how she envied them, that water must feel so nice. Also she was sure that splashing around half-naked with green shorts guy wasnt so bad either. She shifted on her feet, itching to walk out onto the beach and into the cool water. Sweat was running down her face, it was a hot day. Searching through the large underbrush for her brother and stupid friends didn’t help much either. Just about to step out of the safety of the bush Andy stopped. The guys were getting out of the water. Heading back up the beach to their towels. They looked like they were getting ready to move on. Thank god! She wanted in that water so bad!

Andy waited patiently as they gathered their items and made their way east up the beach. Just to be on the safe side Andy waited a little bit longer before stepping out. Sandals and pack were quickly forgotten about. She continued to discard clothing as she walked towards the heavenly blue horizon. Finally getting down to her bikini she slipped into the cool water.

“Oh my god! This is amazing.” Once her body was completely hidden under the blue waves, she dived and submersed her head as well. Andy had always been an exceptional swimmer. She spent an entire summer as a lifeguard. She swam, letting her arms and legs float through the water like a plane through the clouds. Her body felt weightless. She stayed under the water until her chest began to ach for the fresh air. Just before she surfaced, she opened her eyes under the water and came face to face with a pair of green shorts.

—- stayed tuned for PT 2

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  1. August 26, 2011 6:55 pm

    …this continues right?

    Where is the “to be continued” note?

    I like this. Such good writing.


    • August 27, 2011 9:43 pm

      lol yes it continues

      It is an anthology but I’m breaking it up into “parts” to read on the blog. Mostly because I am revising a bit before posting.
      Make your way over to “Original Works” the page and check out what I have goin on Hedone…


      • Hedone permalink
        August 27, 2011 10:49 pm

        Oh yes. Break it up for me…LOL.

        I don’t like big blocks of text, and I am not good on commitment to anything long. I am impatient. Oh I’ve said way too much…ROFL.

        I’m heading to the Original Works link. Don’t get me hooked on anything else. I am already terribly unproductive.

      • August 28, 2011 8:43 pm

        I’m not promising anything Hedone lol
        Actually I hope you become addicted… let me know how I’m doing, become obsessed even. lol Provide adequate feedback and boost my ego. Ya that all sounds fantastic to me ;)

        I am starting school again September 7th so I’m not sure how productive I’ll be once that comes around, but I hope to keep posting at least three times a week.



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