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Vacation Sex II

August 20, 2011

Scratch, BANG, Scratch, BANG…

Finally into a rhythm I continued to ride Bear. My clit rubbing firmly against his pubic bone, the hairs on his lower-abdomen tickling me and intensifying all pleasure. Grinding myself into his pelvis, with his hands holding firmly onto my hips. I leaned down and lightly bit his shoulder.

Scratch, BANG, scratch, BANG…

He pushed me down, his cock rising further up into me. I swear I could feel him in my tummy. He swiveled his hips, making my clit scream for more, my pussy clenching with the need to orgasm.

Scratch, BANG, scratch, BANG…

Faster he thrust up, my hips meeting his, colliding flesh slapped together. Sweat dripped down my forehead. I could feel the moisture on our legs mixing together as we again increased the speed.

Scratch, BANG, scratch, BANG…

The bed framed moved with our bodies, hitting the wall and making impressions in the floor….

Pounding on the adjoining door ensued as we both cried out in ecstasy. Falling onto Bear’s chest I giggled… I guess the family next to us didn’t enjoy the sound effects too much.

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