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TMI: Tuesday Aug 16

August 16, 2011

Flashback then Fast Forward

1. What ’80s or ’90s fashion did you love but would be embarrassed to wear today, even if it came back in style?

Well I am a youngin’ lol only 21, so my 80’s are nonexistent and lets face it under age 10 Mummy and Daddy basically have control your style. I thankfully have a Mummy who was very fashionable and still is. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring back overalls, but I do miss them. The whole blue overall with the cropped white t-shirt underneath, classic 90’s, but attractively casual.

2. What current fashion do you wear and love? Or What current fashion do you wear but probably shouldn’t?

I am a huge white T-shirt and jeans fan. Love my comfy jeans and t-shirt!

3. What was your favorite toy as a kid?

My tape player with an attached microphone lol. I used to tape the microphone to a broomstick handle dress up in a cropped top and short shorts, stand on a stool and sing in the living room lol regular superstar over here lol

4. What is your favorite “toy” today?

Bear… hehe, but other than him my computer and phone lol. I wouldn’t be able to live without these two pieces of technology.

5. Did you ever own a Sony Walkman? A boombox?

Hells yes I did!! Both! LOL

6. What’s the most played song on your mp3 player?

UM…. honestly it changes constantly. I am always uploading music and changing playlists. I think right now because I am preparing to sing at a wedding it would be, “Storybook Love” Willy Deville.  This is the theme song to Princess Bride :) I have the honor of singing my good friend down the aisle.

7. Who was your best friend in elementary/primary school?

Her name was Megan, and we could have passed as sisters. We met in grade two when I moved into the new town, we were best friends until we moved into the intermediate school.

8. Who is your best friend now?

Bear and Crimson for sure I think. Although in high-school Ebony and Blondy were always there, and continue to be. I just think in certain was we have now moved on a bit from one another and into our own lives. Which is good :)

9. Who was your favorite musical group in your early teens (age 13/14)? Post a photo.


10. Who is your favorite musical group now? Post a link to a song of theirs that you like.

I dont have a favorite band. I listen to everything from country, to metal, to classic rewind and hair-nation lol But here are the links to my fave songs right now:

Adele Rumor Has It

Blake Shelton – Honey Bee


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. August 17, 2011 5:56 am

    Hi. I love the white t-shirt and jean look…it’s has a sexy casual vibe :-)

  2. August 17, 2011 9:48 am

    1. You are a young’un.

    2. I love white tees too. I have several–crew neck, v-neck, chest pocket, no pocket, tight fit, regular fit…

    3. cute! Who were you…Britney or Christina…lol

    4. These days I don’t think any of us can ‘survive’ with the mobile or computer. Bear is a pretty good toy ;-)

    6. That is quite an honor. You must have a lovely singing voice. I guess all that standing on the stool, in skimpy attire, singing into a broomstick paid off :-)

    8. Your friends named Ebony and Blondy–opposites–how cute.

    9. Girl Power!

    10. Adele is showing up on a lot of lists. I like her voice. Can’t wait to listen to your song selections.

    Have a great rest of the week!


    • August 19, 2011 10:23 pm

      Thanks for the comment Hedone ;)

      3. I would have to classify myself as Christina. Damn the woman can sing, and I like to think I can too lol

      6. I guess my private concerts did pay off lol although it also could have been the 4 yrs of vocal lessons that improved everything as well lol



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