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Vacation Sex

August 2, 2011

This is an excerpt from TMI- Aug 02 that I though deserved to be classified as a Wicked Words entry… enjoy ;)


We got to the hotel in Cancun, and Bear immediately jumped me. I was shocked and standing in front of the sliding balcony door way. I dropped my bags. He stripped me down to nothing and proceeded to lick my neck, telling me how sexy I look in Mexico. He pulled me into him and slowly backed up into the washroom, all the while trailing kisses down my neck and slowly circling my left nipple with his fingertip.
I felt the cold linoleum on my toes as we crossed the threshold into the washroom. Pulling me further into him, I could feel his cock hard straining against his plaid shorts, wanting to come out and play. I was still in shock I could only concentrate on not tripping over the lip in the tiles while being pushed into the shower stall. As my mind started to process what his intention was I reached behind me and turned on the shower-head. Cold bullets hit my naked back and I yelped.
I felt Bear’s giggle and he again pulled me back into him and reached around me to control the temperature of the water.  I quickly rid him of shirt, shorts and briefs. I pulled him under the spray with me and my lips smothered his in a deep kiss. I could feel his finger tips trailing down my chest and belly, heading straight for the gold. Having been freshly waxed he had no obstacles distracting him from his prize. His fingers floated over my already distended clit and slid between my swollen lips. My head fell back and again his lips were on my neck. I felt the groan escape my throat, but I didn’t hear anything but Bear’s hot breath in my ear.
“You like that baby? Like my fingers touching you? My mouth tasting you?” His tongue played tricks on the curves of my ear. I almost lost all sensation in my knees. I grabbed his shoulders, fingers and tongue playing it was all I could do not to collapse onto the tiled shower stall floor. Bear took two steps towards me and turned my body so my back was braced against the cool wall. He then lifted my right leg, bending it at the knee so it curved around his hip. His fingers delved deeper, earning himself another moan, he continued to stroke, to tickle and tease. His left hand cupped my breast and brought the tight nipple to his mouth, has his tongue continued to work its magic has his fingers increased their pace. I leaned against the wall for support, my left knee almost coming out from underneath me. The hand grasping my breast quickly left to my right leg and supported my weight.
Almost as quickly fingers were replaced with the crown of Bear’s silky cock. He looked me in the eye has his hands supported me and he leaned into my body. The wall adding extra resistance he slid into my sex perfectly.
Quickly finding a rhythm, both with our hips and mouths we rode each other to orgasm.
After finishing Bear washed and toweled me off. We then got dressed and headed for dinner with his family, all the while with a huge smiles on our faces.


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  1. August 2, 2011 9:26 pm

    Oh that’s crazy delicious! Hot sex. Great narrative!

    Thanks for that, it was worth the wait.


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