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TMI: Tuesday July 26th

July 26, 2011


1. Why do you go to the movies?
a. To feel
b. To think
c. To escape
d. To enjoy the air conditioning

C. To escape.
For sure to escape all the hustle and bustle of life and pretend to actually be in the movie I’m watching especially if said movie  involves Gerard Butler, Matthew Mcconaughey, or Johnny Depp.

2. In the last six months, have you viewed more movies at home or at the movie theatre?

Definitely the movie theatre. Bear and I love to go to the movies. There is a smaller theatre just by Bear’s house. It doesn’t have the greatest seats, and there are sticky floors, but the tickets are $8.00/person and the popcorn is amazing, and the screens and sound are descent enough to enjoy the film.

3. What was the last movie you watched at home? At the theatre?

Bear and I recently watched Captain America (AMAZING) in Grand Junction, CO while on Vacation.

4. Which do you enjoy most in a movie?
a. Two beings battling to death such as Godzilla and Mothra (or any foe), Gladiator
b. Car chase scene such as Ronin, Fast & the Furious
c. Major heist such as Italian Job, Ocean’s Eleven, Snatch
d. Epic battle scene such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

I’m a thriller kinda girl, so I’ll go with C. Italian Job is actually one of my favorite movies.

5. In your opinion, which movie(s) have the best or most enjoyable sex scenes?

Um, there are lots of awesome sex scenes. I’m more partial to the shadowy scenes where you can still see the actor(s) faces and the contours of their bodies, but there is something powerful in the shadowed sex scenes that are had at night. One of my favorite sex scenes is with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in Four Christmas’. At the beginning when they are role playing and they fuck in the bathroom… not only is it funny afterward its hot! And it involves role play.

6. Which of these is your favorite Hollywood movie plot?
a. Boy meets girl
b. The Jesus Story (apocalyptic; someone is saving the world)
c. Fish out of Water
d. Buddy movie

I am partial to all but more so the “someone is saving the world” or apocalyptic, than religious. Depending on my mood I can watch pretty much anything.

7. What is your favorite movie genre? (Thriller, comedy, action/adventure, drama, mystery, fright, etc.)

Like previously said I can pretty much watch anything. Although thrillers, horror and romantic-comedy are often those which I go for first.

8. In movies, what makes you cry?
a. mistreatment of a prime, likeable character
b. gushy, mushy romance (e.g., marriage proposals, couple finally proclaim their love)
c. very scary jump-out-at-you, make-you-pee-your-pants scenes
d. anyone or anything dying

D. I think. Like in P.S I love you… I bawled my eyes out. As in went through two boxes of Kleenex and still was crying. Not only because he died but HELLO what a romantic tale that even after death he helped her through the toughest time of her life…
P.s Bear wont watch this movie with me… he feels as though “Gerry” abandoned her and that he is causing her more pain. lol Bear is a mushy hearted guy lol dont tell him I told you ;)

Bonus: What is your favorite movie? Why?

My all time fave movie has got to be Practical Magic! LOVE IT! I am a HUGE Sandra fan! I love the plot line of the powerful woman.. and I honestly believe magic as shown in the film exists. So this is the perfect movie for me.


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4 Comments leave one →
  1. August 1, 2011 5:51 am

    I used to have family that lived in Grand Junction, Co.

    Good to know you theat you enjoyed Captain America. I haven’t been hearing much good or bad about the film.

    5. I haven’t heard of this movie and I like both those actors. I’ll have to check it out. And yes, shadowy sex scenes are VERY sensual. Great answer!

    8. :-) How sweet that Bear is romantic.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend?

    Did you watch anymore films?

    I watched “Mystery Team” which was stupid funny. I watched an interested movie called “Red Violin”.


    • August 1, 2011 9:47 pm

      Thanks for the comment Hedone, I look forward to answering tomorrow’s question after I’m done work.

      5. This is my fave Christmas movie ever! It is fucken hilarious! Thats the only way to describe it! They are so funny together. But also there is a bit of a romantic side, as well as sensual side too. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!
      8. Bear can be a romantic, but it usually catches him off guard. Mostly he is a huggable teddy bear lol and hates to see people hurt or sad in any way. And death for Bear is a huge and sad thing, so it stands to reason that a movie revolving around a husband, or significant other dying he wont respond well to.
      But mostly I think he just relates any relationship to ours, and doesnt want to compare something as tragic as a death, and overcoming that event, to our relationship. Even though I dont think he realizes he can separate the movie from our relativity lol. He is just too much of a sweetie sometimes. And I’m positive that if, which he probably wont, saw this he would push out his chest and talk a bit deeper telling me I was full of shit, and he is a man and men dont cry lol Typical guy lol

      We had an amazing time away on vacation! I uploaded one pic to my “Hola” post of me humping a palm tree lol, and we almost had the romantic walk on the beach, but unfortunately we both got sick for about two days. I think we had food poisoning from a bad burger. So we didnt get a midnight stroll, but he made up for it by letting me take tones of portrait pics of us to hang in the house lol

      I think I’ve seen the “Red Violin”, refresh my memory, what happens? And Mystery team is absolutely hilarious!



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