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TMI: Tuesday June 21

June 21, 2011

1.  How many states/provinces have you had sex in? How many countries? Yes, Oral counts! All sex acts– penetrative or not– are sex.

Two countries, four states and two provinces. Lol What can I say, Bear and I get around ;)

2. What do you think is the sexiest piece of clothing a man/women wears on a daily basis? e.g., bra, jeans, sundress, dress shirt, etc.

I get off hard when Bear wears a white crew neck or v neck T-shirt. Never under-estimate the power of a white t-shirt.
Also I know Bear gets off on either a thong poking out of my jeans, or booty shorts that let it all hang out the bottom, but keep the top carefully covered.
3. Would you date yourself? Why or why not?

I’m undecided on this question. I like to think of myself as a laid back chick who likes a more expensive life style, but to be honest I’m also quite comfy in sweats and a sports bra, with the hair up and out-of-the-way. But I think about things waaayyy too much, and sometimes it turns into dwelling. I wouldn’t call myself high maintenance, but I would say you need to be a communicator if you’re going to date me lol

4. Which muscle do you work the hardest: brain, heart, mouth?

Mouth for sure, and get your minds out of the gutter y’all…. I’m a talker lol although I dont mind other things either ;)

5. Fill-in the blank: I am totally prissy (overly finicky) when it comes to _____ .

Being late. I CANT BE LATE. I will seriously be border line panic attack. I get nervous and sweaty and I panic and speed through traffic. I will leave an hour early if I dont know where I am going, but I know its only 30mins away. lol

Bonus: Describe your darkest fantasy.

I have many actually. I guess I can pick the most tame considering I’m not even comfortable with sharing my darkest fantasy fully with myself.

To be taken out on a fancy date, as in semi formal. Pick up from my house and have the door opened for me all night. Indulge in an amazing dinner, and  at some point in the dinner hint that I’m not wearing underwear under the silk backless dress, and Bear calls for the check before we are done. We get into the limo and I fuck him with the dress still on in the back seat…. with the driver watching.


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