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Once Upon A Time… – Entry 2

June 11, 2011

Carrying a scantily clad woman, does things to a man, not to mention this particular woman was not conscience. Things that Bear himself should be afraid and ashamed to think, considering the state of this woman he is currently thinking dirty thoughts about. (Sorry I’m getting away from myself here) Holding the gorgeous female in his arms Bear walked the 3 miles to the cottage. Sweating from the heat, carrying a well muscled woman and her pack, as well as sacks of groceries, Bear was glad to get home.

Once home Bear’s priority was to get the woman into a cool, comfortable place so that she would recover from the obvious heat stroke faster. He brought her into his bedroom, and set her gently down on his bed, making sure he head was supported by the pillow and no limbs were hanging off the side. Instead of covering her with a sheet or blanket, Bear turned the fan onto its lowest setting. His gaze travelled all over her body. Her shirt fluttering upwards when the fan’s breeze floated over her abdomen. He imagined licking her bronzed skin, from her naval up, his hands cupping her breasts his mouth devouring her nipples. His cock hardened while his thoughts flew. Fuck! He needed to get out of the room before he raped the woman.

– – – – – – – – –

Goldi awoke feeling a little nauseated and more than confused. She quickly surveyed her surroundings, noting the exits. Two: the patio door opposite the wall of the bed, and the door out to a hallway. She listened intently to everything around her. A woodpecker looking for something to eat in the tree beside the patio door, and singing. Singing? Where was that coming from? It wasnt a bird, it was deeper, soothing almost. Goldi slid off the bed, and slowly went to the door leading out to the hallway. She peeked around the corner, to the right was a washroom, and the left a corner, the singing was coming from the left, so that’s the way she inched. Slowly creeping towards the corner of the hallway she again peeked around.

Even if Goldi knew what she would see when she peeked, it did not prepare her for the most amazingly denim clad ass that stood at the counter cutting vegetables singing and humming his own version of Def Leppard’s Animal. The man was golden and huge! His hips swayed to his own rhythm, making the already low jeans, slip a little bit lower down his slim hips. His dark brown hair was curly, sitting about an inch above his shoulders. His shoulders were tanned and he wore no shirt. His back was well-defined. Goldi couldn’t help but go weak in the knees, something that a strong woman like herself would never admit to. The man was pure sex. It fumigated off of him, making her want to jump his bones right there in the kitchen.  But could she do that? She hadn’t even met the man, but she had woken up in his bed, and she knew it was his bed. The entire house smelled like him. And damn he smelled amazing… she could feel herself getting wet.

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