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Jealous Much?

June 6, 2011

So today at work I found out some interesting information… Blink, who I introduced to you two posts ago kinda sorta maybe has something for another co-worker, lets call her A. But because A has a BF neither A or Blink want anything to happen. Which I think is a responsible decision. Anyways the stem of this post is…. Blink has publicly said he likes three people in the store, Hot Mama(also a co-worker, and is exactly what her name describes her to be), A and Crimson (who i introduced in in this post).

Blink is not a bad-looking dude at all. He, like Bear has the whole chest hair thing going on (the only reason I know this is because, just like Bear it peaks through the top of his t-shirts sometimes) which for me is a turn on… aaannnyyyways… I dont understand how I am not one of his three HD crushes… and that bothers me. I dont know why, and I’m not sure if it because I’m cool and locked myself in the friend zone, which wouldn’t matter because I have Bear and nothing would happen anyways, but still. A girl need some attention and needs to feel wanted by guys not including her significant other (whom she is in love with, even though it may not sound like it right this moment) So I guess I’m jealous. I mean all three of these woman Blink has shown interest in are unavailable, and I am no different. BUT I WANNA KNOW WHY I DIDNT MAKE THE CUT!

I’m hot, I exude confidence, I’m a happy person, fun (at least I think so) I have a descent body, and I’m definitely not the least attractive out of the four of us… so I would like to know why I got put on the back burner… will I ask? Should it matter? Hells no, but I can still complain about it lol.

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