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Once Upon a Time – Entry 1

June 5, 2011

This is the beginning.

“Once Upon  a Time” – Entry One

She walked along the path, her backpack sliding back and forth along her hips, her white t tied up to the side, just under her right breast. Fuck it was hot! Her shorts were clinging to her thighs with sweat and her gorgeous long blonde hair had been pulled atop her head in efforts to cool her down. Goldi had been walking for what seemed like hours. Why was it taking so long to get to the cottage? Did she go the wrong way? Miss a turn? She stopped at the nearest rock and sat down. Rummaging through her back pack she found her water bottle half full of luke warm water.  At least it was something. She drank her fill then replaced the water bottle back into her pack, and pulled out a map. Not that it did anything. She was lost. Leaning back on the rock, Goldi found herself slipping into a deep sleep. It could have been her aching muscles that was making it impossible to get back up and keep walking, or the intense sun beating down on her already sun-kissed body.

. . . . . .

Bear walked along the path. Carrying the two leather bags with the groceries from the market that lay on the South Side of the forest. The market people often inquired why he chose to live to deep in the forest, Bear always replied with enjoyment of the solitude. He liked how quiet and peaceful the forest was. He didn’t have to deal with the bustling city 3 hours North, or even the gossiping market folks 2 hours to the south. Turning the bend around fifteen minutes from his cottage, Bear came to an abrupt stop. Feet… two lovely long tanned feet, with dark purple toes peeked out from behind a bush…. What the hell? Bear snuck forward, still holding his groceries… curiosity obviously getting the better of him. He put his food down about a foot away from the rock the beautiful blonde was passed out on. The feet were connected to two gorgeously curved thighs and amazingly rounded hips, with a trim waist and perfectly full tits any man would want to cup. Moving his gaze upward still he followed the slender neck to a strong jaw line and feathered black eye lashes. Bear felt his entire body go rigid… This woman was a goddess, he had to have her. His natural instincts of an aggressive male were taking over. All he could picture was taking this woman with his hands tongue and cock, continuously having her underneath hom, riding him, pleasuring him while he pleasured her. Again Bear loaded up his groceries over one shoulder grabbed the blonde’s back pack over the other and slowly and gently picked her pick with both hands and continued walking home. His mind swimming with all he wanted to do with her body with his hands, lips, tongue and cock, but first he had to get her to the cottage.

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