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Get Over It

June 5, 2011

So I just got off the phone with Bear, who is at work until Wednesday… *sigh* anyways I was telling him how I am going to a fitness class tomorrow with a co-worker, lets call him, Blink (for no reason in particular). So at first Bear didn’t say anything. And that sort of worried me. I mean it’s not like we dont trust each other, or have a rocky relationship. So I asked him if that was ok. He made a joke about what I would be wearing and said he would get over and deal with it. I’m not sure how I am supposed to react to that. Next he asked if Blink was good-looking. I said meh, not as sexy as you. And he said ok.

So it wasnt like I was asking for permission to go to a fitness class, where I will be seriously unattractive, sweaty and smelly lol with another guy. Blink also has a membership to the gym and he has mentioned how he needs to get back into it, and so do I. So I though it would be a good idea to invite him. Also I’m scared shitless of going to my first anything class at the gym alone.

I just dont know how I feel about Bear seeming uncomfortable with the entire situation. And it’s not like I’m looking for anything with Blink. I know for a fact he likes someone else. It’s a god damned fitness class at a gym, get over it.

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