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June 4, 2011

So im not sure whats going on with me but lately I’ve been completely unmotivated to write anything. It’s not like my sex life has declined from the normal level, in fact I’d say it is progressing to a better level lol as in higher ;) But I’m not sure, I just feel like I have nothing sexy to say.
I also have A LOT going on with work and my personal life, aka work sucks and I’m thinking for applying for a supervisor position and that will be a nice change. More control better pay etc. Also Mexico is coming up … soooo excited! And I went new bathing suit shopping yesterday and budgeting the money has been interesting. Also I am back to the gym, and trying to be as faithful as possible. Basically I’m so tired right now I’m ready to pass out lol

I wish Bear was home so I could crawl into his warm arms and the cool sheets and be cuddled while I fall asleep…

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