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TMI Tuesday: May 17

May 17, 2011
1. What does your online profile name mean?

Honestly, there is no meaning. I wanted to pick something that is easy to remember and embodied both dangerousness, of maybe having the identity of myself on the sex blog exposed to the ppl I write about as well as though I know. And the delight is obvious because well, who doesn’t like sex? ;)

2. How did you decide on the title of your blog?

Again, something easy to remember and a little naughty at the same time. It took me a good week to figure out what my title would be.

3. How much of your online personality transcends into your real life (RL)? What’s the biggest difference between the two?

I like to believe that I am the same in both worlds. I find myself more open on my blog, but the ‘real’ self is growing more open as well, bot verbally and sexually. I find myself more horny, and wanting more sex and more sexual activity, but I also find myself sexier, and feeling so.

4. What have you stumbled across through reading blogs that really made you want to try it out? Have you done it yet? Was it a good, bad or so so experience?

TMI Tuesday for sure. I very much enjoy. I thought about doing HNT, but decided against it, because ppl I am friends with as well as some co-workers know I have this blog, and I dont need them seeing this. Although I am comfortable with it, I dont want to make them uncomfortable.

And now, in honor of May is Masturbation Month…

5. After you masturbate, do you taste your cum? Do you like the taste of you?

I dont masturbate. But I guess I can switch this to partner masturbation with Bear. In which case, unless the masturbation changes to oral, no usually not for myself. Bear loves my taste though and frequently reminds me how much.

6. Do you like to masturbate in front of someone else? Does that heighten your arousal or are you indifferent?

Um I think if were to get a toy, I could masturbate with that in front of Bear, but you know if you read my blog, that I cannot masturbate with my own fingers. I also think this wold heighten my arousal.

7. Have you ever been caught masturbating? By who?

I havent been, but I have caught Bear lol, that just resulted in me jumping on and finishing him off.

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  1. May 18, 2011 6:27 am

    # 4..Hmm, what’s HNT?


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