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Period Sex, among other related things…

May 13, 2011

I am almost done my cycle this month, and although I love being a woman this has got to be my least favorite part. First of all, much like a lot of women out there I get massively painful cramps, and secondly I have a mixture of sexual feelings during my cycle. For example, I like to have my legs rubbed and massaged, mostly because it takes my mind off the painful uterine cramping. But this also turns me on massively, and unfortunately because Bear gags at the word “period” there is nothing happening past this point, besides juvenile dry humping lol. Watch out Ladies, here is where the perfect picture of Bear flies out the window.

Although I can talk to Bear about anything, my cycle is something that he would just rather not hear about. This cracks me up, considering he knows more about my cycle than I do. As in: when I will get it, without me saying anything, how to rub my tummy and back to ease the cramping, and what I like to eat during my cycle. So last night we were watching “No Strings Attached” (which is hilarious!) and there is a point in the film where Ashton Kutcher (Adam) rings Natalie Portman (emma) a period mix cd. Now this scene, from the beginning was hilarious for me to watch, lines such as “it’s a crime scene in my pants” and ” tea for your gina” I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. Bear was on the opposite couch basically rocking back and forth, uncomfortable with the scene. Anyways, this lead me to the question, “Babe? Why dont we have sex during my thing anymore? (“my thing” is creation of a new way of saying period lol) And his response, because our relationship is more mature, and I dont need it as much.

I’m not sure if I should be offended, or what…. I mean “I dont need it as much”? as in you arent as turned on anymore? You dont need me as much? What does this even mean? Thew point isn’t that I want to have sex during my cycle, the point is I was wondering why we dont anymore. Not having sex during my period doesn’t bother me, but Bear joking around with demeaning period jokes about sex and blood etc does. We were driving home from a friend’s house on Wednesday and he proceeds to say, “how can you trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn’t die?” My reply, “Its four days and fuck you” He immediately shut up. A few minutes later he asked if I was mad at him….DUH DUMB-ASS!!!

I told him that I didn’t appreciate him saying those things, and yes I knew he was joking, but it was still rude. I guess I’m surprised at how caring and soothing he can be to me while I’m in pain during my period, but at the same time how such an insensitive jerk he can be as well. And of course my emotions are on high, and flip onto low and high like a light switch, but Bear, please just deal for four days two of which you weren’t even here for. Ugh! Anyways my rant is done… and part of this frustration is im fucking horny, and nothing is being done about this….

This being said I am glad that menstruation doesn’t turn Bear on, because honestly that would freak the fuck out of me, but at the same time, I wish he was more understanding about it all. It’s not like I choose to have this fuck up four days of my life, as well as make me more susceptible to colds (which I have right now) and other small infections (which I dont)

I guess I’m done my rant now lol

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  1. September 27, 2011 3:11 pm

    Thank you for linking into my post on this subject. I want to get as many people as possible sharing their different experiences on this subject. The more who do the less of a mystery it all becomes and maybe onlong the way someone like Bear will read some of the posts and realise that having sex on your period can be a wonderfully freeing experience.

    I would not say Sir is turned on by my period, what he is turned on by is ME, whether I have my period or not.


    • September 27, 2011 8:49 pm

      You’re very welcome!
      I wouldnt say that Bear isnt turned on by, me, just isnt turned on by my period lol. Although this hasn’t stopped him in the past from making love to me whilst I was menstruating. It’s more I’m not comfortable with it. It can get messy, and I have extremely bad menstrual cramping during my period so its hard for me to do anything but receive a back rub lol

      Thanks for the comment!!!



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