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Too many thoughts…

May 3, 2011

Well life has been interesting these past couple weeks, hence the lack of postings. My life has been twisting and spinning. Three things have taken over. I guess I will divide and try to conquer.

1. I have officially finished my second year of university, or so I thought. I am currently appealing my Spanish mark. In short my prof sabotaged me! Anyways I am doing everything I can in order to fix this predicament she has put me in. The woman gave me a D in the class.. Completely screwing with my GPA as well as any chance I had for tuition reimbursement from my job. I need a C- average in each class in order to obtain the reimbursement. And she lowered my GPA from a 3.4 to a 2.6 with that stupid letter. Honestly I don’t understand how I received this mark. I was under the impression that I was averaging a C in the class, and please don’t try to tell me I failed the final because I KNOW I didn’t. I kicked ass on the final. She is seriously fucking with me. I have been having issues with her all semester. And personally I think she just doesn’t like me and is doing everything she can to fuck me over. Not only have I been having issues but majority of the class is as well.
This is a professor who chooses when she wants to attend class and when she is “too sick” to attend. Now I’m not directly accusing her, but I am speculating. I think half the time she as too hung over to come to class. Although she could be extremely clumsy by chance and always look like shit as well as smell like stale alcohol and constantly make racist comments, I highly doubt it. About 1 month and a couple of weeks into the semester, right after reading week which was the middle of February, I went to the head of the Humanities department and addressed my issues with the class as well as my grades. The Chair was a quiet man who, im assuming tried as hard as his non-confrontational self could, so solve my issues, lead to nothing be done but a slap on the wrist. I am still in shock about how this woman got away with not teaching us anything, never staying focused on the subject we paid to learn ass well as informing us all of her medical history.
So I guess we shall see what happens with this appeal and hopefully I can get my mark raised to at least a C-, that’s all I want.

2. Bear and I have been thinking about moving in together for around 2 months now. And I feel as though I am the only one actually taking this seriously, although I kind of expected this considering I am the one who is uncomfortable and frustrated with our current living situations. He never has to leave his place, he never sleeps at my place, I am always the one who is moving around to accommodate him. Now I don’t mean to paint a assholish picture at all.  I know that if i brought up the subject, yet again he would do his best to accommodate me. It’s just I hate doing laundry in the communal space in my apartment building, I would like to spend as much time with him on his week off as possible and I know that he wants to be home on his week off in his own bed. But please man! Lets work with me too here. I am the one lugging around an overnight bag, feeling ‘bad’ if I stay at my house instead of his with him. Of course he doesn’t know all of this, or he has forgotten since our last conversation about it, but I just feel as though life would be so much easier if we lived together. I’m pretty sure he feels the same, but could be scared that this is more of an adult situation. But we already spend 90% of the time together when he is home anyways. We would save SO much money if we lived together! Gas for one thing, no more driving back and forth. Rent! I pay $925 and he pays $600 together that is a kick ass mortgage or rent to own payment! Not to mention cutting down the bill payments to one Epcor and one cable, internet and phone bill.
So today I breached the subject again and I think we got somewhere. Bear is actually thinking about it and paying attention and not overly avoiding the conversation. I think the thing that is bothering him the most is that he thinks that this wont be fun, or things between us will change. Nothing will change but less stress, at least that is how I feel… we already live together when he is home. It would just be nice to go home to a home that is our home.
Also another issue is that his sisters would like to move back into Canada, his family lives in Colorado, and want to move back in with Bear. This is fine with me, living with them. I just need an actual commitment. This is not the first time they have said they want to move back. I need to know that they are for sure coming up here. My lease is up in February and if the four of us are going to move in together we need to start looking for a place big enough, in the right location, something not gross, and decent price for the four of us. Not to mention something big enough to house the four of us to give each of us some space. Although I wouldn’t object to not moving in with K and C I can deal if this happens. Especially since we would be able to get an actual house with a backyard and split the higher payments into four instead of two. Also since Bear works away for a week, it would be nice if I had person company instead of just kitty company. And of course K is an amazing cook so that doesn’t hurt either. I still have mixed feelings about moving in with Bear and his sisters vs. just Bear. If I had my choice it would only be the two of use, but nothing is set in stone yet.

If anyone has any Realtors or sites that they think would be helpful for a rent to own property please leave a comment.

3.  Thursday my family is leaving to Vegas. we are meeting Bear’s Mum and sisters down there. I am super excited but also a bit sad that Bear cannot come, since he goes back to work tomorrow. I will be gone from Thursday to Sunday, so it wont be an overly long trip but it will be my first to Vegas. Also I work tomorrow, have to get the appeal written out and meet with the Chair on Thursday before the flight, and I have to clean my place and pack. I have already arranged for Red (see Goldi and Her Bear for info) to check on and feed Bones while I am gone. Poor kitty has panic attacks when I am gone for too long. He eats all of his food, and pukes everywhere. I think partly he does it on purpose, little shit, and also he is legit scared of being alone. (Which is another reason I want Bear and I to move in together soon, I hate leaving him alone).

So this is my rant. I think the length makes up for the lack of postage lately lol

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  1. May 4, 2011 7:38 am

    best of luck on all fronts!

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