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TMI: Tuesday

April 19, 2011

April 19.11

It’s another week and you know what that means… another Tuesday

1. Have you performed a strip tease for a lover? If you had music, what was the song?

Yes I have, although it has been forever, and I don’t remember the song, the strip tease went wonky when I became tangled in my shirt lol, so much for sexy. I think it is time for a do over lol

2. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”…What is it that you will show me?

I have always found this a little childish. Although you could definitely turn it either perverted or sexy in a second. I think I could show you a tit or two.

3. Have you ever let someone else bathe you although you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself?

More than once. It is the most sensual act you will ever have. Bath or shower. After I found out some harsh news about my family, Bear took it upon himself to make me feel better, comforted and loved, while I couldn’t be with my immediate family. This included, lots of kissing, hugging and a bubble bath together.

4. If you were asked, “does the carpet match the drapes”… Would your answer be “yes” or “no”?
(In case you are not familiar with this idiom, it means does the hair on your head match your pubic hair.)

Mainly because I wax. So there is nothing there lol but when there is my answer would be yes.

5. Who has done something within the last 24 hours to show they care for you? What did they do?

Bear. He was so understanding that I needed to get studying done for University finals, and he made me dinner then we watched a movie together and tucked me in. By not pressuring me to get home, even though we had planned to go out for dinner, he made sure I had enough time to get everything done I needed to, and encouraged me.

6. Who was the last person you hugged romantically?

Bear. This morning, after some great fooling around

7. What do you prefer to do after sex?

a. Go for another round!
b. Cuddle and talk
c. Eat
d. Fall asleep
e. Shower
f. Get out!

Honestly, if I could I would love to snuggle, but I have this thing with being completely clean after sex, and so does Bear, so usually cleaning up happens right after sex, then we either move on with our day lol or we get back into bed and nap. So I guess going with this template, I would pick (in this order) A, F, E, B, D and then its food time lol

Bonus: Anal sex…giving or receiving, which do you prefer?

I’m a chicken to fully try anal. It scares me a little but also it just HURTS! But I know Bear wouldn’t be into receiving, so that would make me the receiver automatically. Which if we took our time I’m sure I would be ok with. A finger is fine, but trying to fit Bear’s entire cock into my ass, will take time and be a challenge.

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  1. April 20, 2011 6:28 am

    Hi. I found your answers absolutely adorable. Especially #1 – getting tangled in your shirt. adorable!

    Also, I feel the same way about the bonus question. I’ve done it but it was a long time ago… Not enjoyable.

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