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Turn on Trigger?

April 13, 2011

So when a super ‘sexy’ song comes on the radio or on your pod, do you ever get excited and want to dress up and really get all sexed up and go out, or take photos and document how you feel? Maybe hook up with a random, or in my case the BF?

I recently started to realized which songs are turn on triggers for me, and to spice up and indulge my sexual relationship I think I am going to start listening to these songs before Big Bear gets home from week on shift, really give him something to be excited about. More often than not the songs are by artists like Enrique, and Usher, the men know how to deal out the lyrics for sure!

Songs like ‘Push’ and “Tonight I’m Fucking you” are becoming my favorites. I feel sexy while listening to them, and lets face it, the inner sex goddess (which every woman has) comes out and his ready to pounce at the clubs.  It is the lyrics themselves which have this effect on me? Or maybe the tone of the music? Where as “Push” really gets my blood pumping for some pounding, songs like, “My Baby” –Randy Houser, really just put me in the snuggle mood, and lets talk marriage.

So can a song be a trigger for a turn on? And is it only male artists that have the triggers? Some Britney songs also have that flavor. Interesting. The notion of sex sells is definitely present here. I guess through tight lyrics and sensual and maybe bass filled music are the perfect combo for a steamy night… maybe this, as well as heavy amounts of alcohol, are the real reasons for one night stands? The sweat, and the musk in the air definitely add to the mix!

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