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He Comes Home Today

April 13, 2011

I am super excited!
Today Big Bear comes home :D
He has been gone for a week, and it seems like its been over a fucken month since I’ve seen him!
Although I have my period this week, it will not stop us from being intimate, as in I’m super horny from reading other blogs to get ideas for my blog, that I just need to feel his cock in my hand and mouth, something that I know he will appreciate.

So I just finished an exam, Im packing up my over night bag and backpack full of other course material for tomorrow’s exam and headin’ on over to Bear’s condo. We have planned to meet up with other couples tonight, I hope he is in the cuddling mood, cause I know I will be. And if you’ve been reading since the beginning we all know he isn’t a huge fan of PDA. So I am hoping this all goes well… Also because this week has gone dreadfully slow, we got into a petty argument about me calling someone a whore (which she deserved!– more on that later? we shall see). So it’s for sure time for him to be home in my arms!!

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