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PDA: Public Displays of Affection

April 11, 2011



1. Fond attachment, devotion, or love.
2. Often, affections.

— a. emotion; feeling; sentiment: over and above our reasonand affections.
— b. the emotional realm of love: a place in his affections.

Alright so after reading this I would say that little bits of this in public are acceptable. By no means does this mean lets fuck right here on the street, or in isle four of the Home Depot’s Paint Department, but hey to each its own right?

So I guess why Im bringing this up is because Big Bear is not the PDA type, in fact holding hands while walking together I consider this to be a privilege.  To be perfectly honest, sometimes I am ok with this, but most of the time I would like to stake my claim on my man, and  feel by holding hands, I have officially stated that , “NO, Sorry he IS taken, he IS mine, and he IS NOT going to look at you or think about you because I have him!” I realize that this might sound possessive, and in all honesty it is meant to be. I am a possessive woman. He is mine, and no you cannot have him.  Now I know Bear feels the same, but I dont understand why he doesnt like to hold hands. Occasionally he will grab me close to him, and only when a guy checks me out. But I think another reason for the lack of PDA is because he is confident in our relationship that he doesnt need to broadcast it to the entire public, which I respect, but please for the love of me, hold my fucking hand more often lol

So i guess this whole rant is basically about Big Bear not wanting to always hold my hand lol but also I dont need him making out with me in public and constantly grabbing my ass. I do however want him to kiss me when I lean in, not shy away or make a joke about PDA, MAN UP MAN! lol kiss me and show me off! IM NOT UGLY! I am , not to be conceded and sound like a prim bitch, but I am hot! And I know it. Just hold my hand, show some manly caveman possessiveness and  mark your territory with a simple hand hold.

Too much to ask?

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